Between the Colton and Tia drama and contestant shockers, season 14 of The Bachelorette has been a wild ride, to say the least. Through all of the craziness, however, there鈥檚 one thing that remains consistent: Becca Kufrin鈥檚 killer beauty. With her gorgeous brown locks and her natural, dewy makeup, the show鈥檚 leading lady has it going on. Luckily, the reality star鈥檚 current stylist and makeup artist, Lydia Sellers (Kufrin worked with franchise artist Gina Modica on the show) is happy to share the deets about how to get the 28-year-old鈥檚 signature glam.

鈥淚 feel like she has a very easygoing, carefree sense of style and attitude about her,鈥 Sellers tells us. 鈥淚 think she sticks pretty true to herself.鈥 On the hair front, that means styling her client鈥檚 mostly one-length cut with face-framing layers in loose, textured waves. Sellers achieves by alternating the direction of a 戮 to 1-inch curling iron, keeping it really loose, and tousling it at the ends with fingers.

When it comes to Kufrin鈥檚 makeup, Sellers shares that while Kufrin is always down to try new things, at the end of the day, she 鈥渨ants to look and feel like herself.鈥

Read on for all the deets on the arsenal of products she uses to recreate Kufrin鈥檚 effortless look.

how to copy聽Becca鈥檚聽beach wave HAIRstyle

1. Kristin Ess Instant Lift Thickening Spray ($14): Sellers first amps up Kufrin鈥檚 locks with some water and thickening spray. 鈥淸I鈥檒l use] Kristin Ess Thickening Spray all over,鈥 she says.

HAI blowdryer

2. HAI Styleset Professional Blowdryer ($110): 鈥淚 love using the HAI Styleset blowdryer,鈥 Sellers explains. 鈥淚t鈥檚 really strong and powerful and it has different heat setting. I will go in and rough set it with my hands, dry the product in, then I鈥檒l go in with a curling iron and do the waves.鈥

3. Kevin Murphy Bedroom Hair ($45): Post-curl, Sellers continues adding texture with the help of Kevin Murphy鈥檚 hairspray. 鈥淭heir Bedroom Hair is amazing for creating a piece-y texture with a little grit at the roots,鈥 she says.

4. Kevin Murphy Powder Puff ($39): The pro adds a bit of this powder at the roots for lift. 鈥淚t breaks up the hair to give it a little more of a natural vibe,鈥 she says.

L'Oreal spray

5. L鈥橭real Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray ($13): To finish the look off, Sellers reaches for this brushable spray throughout the day. 鈥淚t doesn鈥檛 make it stiff,鈥 she says. 鈥淭he spray keeps the hair really flowy and bouncy.鈥

Davines all in one milk

6. Davines Oi All-in-One Milk ($17): In the event that Kufrin wants to switch things up with a slightly more refined coif, Sellers opts for a sleek blowdry with no wave. 鈥淚f I鈥檓 doing something really polished, [this is] basically just a smoothing serum that you prep the hair with,鈥 she reveals. 鈥淚 put that in the ends to moisturize and make sure they鈥檙e nice and shiny.鈥

Kevin Murphy Smooth Again

7.聽Kevin Murphy Smooth Again ($42): Sellers uses yet another Kevin Murphy product to get the desired refined effect. 鈥淥nce it鈥檚 dry, I鈥檒l go from the roots to mid-shaft with Smooth Again,鈥 she says. 鈥淚t鈥檚 a cream [that] gets the hair straight once you blowdry.鈥

how to copy becca鈥檚 GLOWY MAKEUP

8. Iconic London Illuminator ($44): Sellers consistently uses Iconic London鈥檚 Illuminator in Original to help Kufrin get that gorgeous glow. 鈥淪ometimes I like to mix that in with my [Giorgio] Armani Luminous Silk Foundation ($64),鈥 she tells us. 鈥淛ust a drop [because] it鈥檚 very pigmented.鈥

Tarte concealer

9. Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer ($27): Sellers depends on this concealer to hide any tired eyes from appearances or trouble spots.

Tom Ford cream shadow

10. Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes ($46): These cream shadows are a favorite of both Sellers and Kufrin. 鈥淭hey鈥檙e creamy, [but] they dry more like a powder shadow,鈥 Sellers says. 鈥淭hey really stick to the eye, and they鈥檙e really pigmented.鈥

Lanolips balm

11. Lanolips Tinted Balm with SPF 30 ($14): Kufrin keeps things light on the pout front. 鈥淲e go pretty natural,鈥 she shares. 鈥淲e haven鈥檛 really done like a bright lip color.鈥 Instead, Sellers turns to tinted balms. 鈥淟anolips has a really beautiful balm,鈥 she says.Fresh tinted balm

12. Fresh Tinted Lip Treatment ($24): Another Kufrin fave comes in the form of these tinted beauties. 鈥淪he鈥檚 [also] loving these Fresh Lip Balms,鈥 Sellers reveals. 鈥淸They鈥檙e] tinted to keep her lips having color but are also very natural and classic.鈥

MAC lip liner

13. MAC Lip Pencil ($18): To polish it all off, Sellers goes for a MAC pencil in a neutral hue. 鈥淚 have been reaching for a lot of nude-y pink tones,鈥 she says.

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