A room makeover is just the shot of inspiration you need for a fresh outlook on, well, everything! We teamed up with Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap® Color ID and were super inspired by the Free Spirit palette. (Take the Color ID quiz from Sherwin-Williams to find the perfect palette for your personality!). We took Free Spirit straight to the bedroom for a major revamp. Using Frostwork SW 0059 for a light and airy base that pairs beautifully with a dark navy Mount Etna SW 7625 accent wall. We framed the pampering zone with geometric design, using the deep green Palm Leaf SW 7735 and the elegant Gorgeous White SW 6049 for some Free Spirit style. The result is a unique, bohemian and modern look that we absolutely love.

B+C Studios in partnership with Sherwin-Williams.

Author and Creative Director: Angelika Temple

Producer/Director: Alana Lowe

Director of Photography: Michael Sullivan

Art Director: Alonna Morrison

Model: Katie Rubak

Camera Operator: Conor Hagan

Production Assistant: Corey Marsau

Still Photography: Brittany Griffin

Video Editor: Ryan Shelley