We fell in love with this idea the minute we noticed the punnery! Brit + Co. reader Meryl sent us a few photos of her son’s 1st Bee-Day party and we couldn’t help but giggle.

We love the idea of throwing a Bumble Bee-themed party for any age. Children of the ’90s can reminisce over Blind Melon’s No Rain video. Baby boomers can tell us about the time they had to wear beekeeper outfits to get their own honey. And just about anyone can related to being a busy busy bee! :)

(Photos by Stefani Marcus Photography)

First, props to Meryl. She threw a bumble bee themed pool party complete with bee patterned towels, all sorts of black and white balloons, bee-shaped treat bags, and we even spot some DIY honeycomb accessories on the table and by the towels. Very cool.

Next, we’ve rounded up a dozen more ways to channel your inner Queen Bee. Enjoy!

1. Beehive Cupcakes: Cupcakes topped with ever-so-slightly burnt meringue? Sign us up. (via Sweetopia)

2. Street Style: This sartorial shot is a cool way to rock the bumble bee look without losing any street cred. We love the studded jacket and bag, and are swooning over those wedge pumps. Definitely channeling a little Dick Tracy in this one. (via Teen Vogue)

3. A Comfy Bee Scarf: Cozy up to this ruffle scarf, or make one of your own! (via Etsy)

4. Bzzzzz Nails: Gotta get nail art in on this action. We recommend using a little Scotch tape to create even stripes. (via Nail Stories UK)

5. Polka Dots and Stripes: Or go a little mix matchy with your patterns! Love the long blazer paired with black and white polka dot and stripe patterns. It’s your bee-day, you’ll wear a million patterns if you want to! (via Puking Pastels)

6. Bumble Bee Macarons: Yummy yellow macarons filled with buttercream with a chocolate chip stinger! (via Project Denneler)

7. Bumble Bee Wafers: Nilla wafers are one of the best items to keep in the kitchen when you’re looking to create a last minute sweet. These are quickly dipped in yellow and look adorable. (via The Celebration Shoppe)

8. The Bumble Bee Cocktail: This delicious drink combines lime, honey, rum, and egg whites. Yum! (via Sloshed, GQ, Everyday Drinking)

9. Beehive Cake: This beauty is a brown butter banana cake frosted with honey buttercream. Wow. So charming. (via Zoe Bakes)

10. Bumble Dog! + The Sheepish Poodle: Just because your dog thinks bees are insanely annoying doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to dress up as one. Right? Wait, what? Add this to our list of awesome pet costumes for Halloween.

11. Bumble Bee Cake Pops: Naturally, our friends over at Hostess with the Mostess also love a themed bee-day party. We’re loving the vibe of this party, complete with Bumble Bee Cake Pops. (via HWTM)

12. Vintage Bee-Day: And another one from HWTM with a more vintage vibe. Love the Bit O Honey!!

And just because it’s awesome, we’ll finish things off with a GIF from the aforementioned ’90s classic, No Rain.

Have you thrown or attended any awesomely themed birthday parties or events as of late? We’d love to see photos. Hit us up in the comments below!