Our fave Burlington, Vermont ice cream shop Ben & Jerry’s are bringing back one of their classic desserts and only for a limited time. Drumroll please: Ben & Jerry’s is bringing back its beloved BRRR-ito for today only. If you think about today’s date and consider the company’s hippie heritage, you can probably figure out why ;)


In case you aren’t familiar, the BRRR-ito is an ice cream-filled crepe that’s drizzled with hot fudge sauce and cookie crumbs, and debuted last year on 4/20. Clearly it was a hit (how could it not be?), and this year participating stores are doing a special deal, where if you buy two BRRR-itos, they will give you the third for free. It is aptly titled the “bring your buds” deal.


To find out which stores are going to make your day so much better, just use a Ben & Jerry’s Location Finder, type in your zip code, and soon you and your buds can be munching on BRRR-itos. Snack responsibly, friends.

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(Photo via Ben & Jerry’s)