Saturdays are always pretty great, but the ones that kick off a long weekend have got to be the greatest — wouldn’t you agree, app fans and/or fans of fun? Today, there’s a little something for everyone in this week’s best app list: new ways to message friends, new downloads for finding your dream job (OR dreamlover, two separate apps ’cause otherwise that would be weird), an app that wants to correct autocorrect and one for exploring the great outdoors beyond your smartphone. Yes, that all exists! In one place! Here!! Keep reading for the best apps of the week.


1. Flips: Photos + words, it’s a simple equation, right? But when executed perfectly, as this new download will demonstrate, you’ll be able to unlock all the things you can’t say with the currents state of emoji. Flips is just plain fun and will bring new life to your texting game by letting you turn simple phrases into virtual flipbooks (remember how fun the IRL ones were in our youth, guys?!) of photos that tell your story your way. Bonus: You finally have a workaround for that missing taco emoji. Double Bonus: Lil Flip is backing it.

DL It: Free on iOS


2. at First Sight: Not to be confused with Bachelor host Chris Harrison’s video dating app with the exact same name and just about the exact same function (seriously, was this an acquisition or something?!), this dating app does what no other dating app did — um, before Chris Harrison’s dating app. On one hand new school and on the other old, you sift through pictures choosing to Admire or Skip and enter into 60 second video chats with possible suitors. As your matches grow, the app will automatically unmatch you with those you don’t really speak with and unlock new features and ways to communicate as your “Intimacy Levels” increase with the guys or gals you DO chat with on the reg.

DL It: Free on iOS, coming soon on Android

3. Tipo: This is a keyboard app that goes above and beyond autocorrect to actually show you your spelling mistakes, correct them and help you stop making them in the future. Use it throughout all of your apps to become a better speller… or at least look like one.

DL It: Free on Android


4. Switch: Like blank for Tinder/Uber/Spotify/etc, this app is a must-download for the dream jobseekers out there. LIKE TINDER for the job hunt, you swipe left if a job is not for you and swipe right if you want to speak to hiring managers and folks who work at your dream gig. You’re matched if they like your background. Yes, this is 2015’s answer to getting your foot in the door. You can edit what your profile (aka your last three jobs) are and block your current gig from being able to find you (phew!) and then blush when your future coworkers ask you how you heard about the company.

DL It: Free on iOS, coming soon on Android


5. AllTrails: I usually like to keep this app roundup to newer apps vs. recently updated apps, but I’m making an exception because — hey! It’s Memorial Day Weekend! And you should be out there reading this app roundup en route to a barbecue or something more adventurous. This was a DL I DLed while trying to find a hike with friends, but their recent update offers a whole new iOS redesign that turns something that was mostly utilitarian into something as pretty to look at as that waterfall hike they’re directing you to. Find new trails for hiking and biking, map the route and check it off your outdoors bucket list after you make it there and back.

DL It: Free on Android and iOS

What was the last app you downloaded? Share below!