We’ve all used an old receipt or bus ticket as a bookmark before, but these days we’re getting serious about this whole adulting thing (or at least we’re trying to). Instead of scrambling through the contents of your purse to find a pseudo-bookmark or, heaven forbid, bending the corners of your favorite fashion book, workout guide or lunchtime wanderlust read, try marking your page with one of these 12 grown-up bookmarks. They’re guaranteed to elevate your reading game.

Taryn Draws Bookworm Bookmark

1. Taryn Draws Bookworm Bookmark ($4): For the gal who’s always buried under a mile-high stack of books, this beautifully illustrated and brightly colored cardstock print is the perfect place marker — and features some major hair color inspo to boot!

Tom Dixon Bookmark

2. Tom Dixon the Bookworm Quill Bookmark ($15): This luxe brass quill bookmark from Tom Dixon definitely gives off the impression that you have your life together (even if you have your quill stashed between a hot and heavy romance).

City Clips Bookmarks

3. Fancy City Clips Bookmarks ($13): London’s calling! This wanderlust-inspired set of four metal bookmarks is the perfect accessory for a King’s Cross-bound muggle.

Shakespeare Bookmarks

4. Shakespeare’s Globe Playground Bookmark ($1): Any fan of the Bard will enjoy these brightly colored bookmarks featuring some of his most famous one-liners. Bonus points if you stash them in the corresponding play.

Targer Blue Timer Bookmark

5. Target Blue Timer Bookmark ($9): Speed readers, rejoice! This bold bookmark doubles as a timer — meaning you can totally brag to your squad about spending only 14 hours and 37 minutes reading the latest Caroline Kepnes.

Book Emporium Bookmarks

6. Literary Emporium Book Lover Bookmark Set ($5): Fans of Penguin Classics will love this playful spinoff of their original branding. Their bookish messages aren’t too shabby either.

Be Right Back Bookmark

7. Fancy Metal Bookmarker ($13): You know you’re a lit chick when you feel sorry for leaving your books behind. Make sure they know they’re loved with this adorable metal bookmark from Fancy.

British Writers Bookmarks

8. Another Studio British Writers Bookmarks ($12): With an ode to Brontë, Dickens, Austen and Shakespeare, these delightful metal bust bookmarks feature everyone’s Brit lit heroes and heroines. Timelessly etched in stainless steel, these will look especially classy in a hardcover edition you pick up from your fave used bookstore.


9. My Bookmark Wicked Witch Bookmark ($25): Poor Wicked Witch of the West… first a house, now death by book! This handmade Wonderful Wizard of Oz bookmark will definitely stand the test of time, even when accidentally splashed with a pail of water.

To Be Continued Bookmark

10. Men’s Society Bookmark With “To Be Continued” Engraved ($23): Never scramble to find your spot again with this elegant brass-plated bookmark from the Men’s Society.


11. Fancy Lightmark ($12): Shine a little light on your current read with this quirky “lightmark.” Just make sure to keep your book light on too for maximum reading potential.

Kate Spade Bookmark

12. Kate Spade New York Expletive Paper Clips ($12): They say your bookshelf is an expression of yourself. Well, these high quality expletive clips from Kate Spade New York will definitely show your true feelings about your current read, whether that’s a puzzling question mark or a yell-it-from-the-rooftops exclamation!

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