Sick of getting halfway through the day (if that) and already needing to plug in your phone to give it some extra juice? Us too, and that’s why we nearly cried like we just won the lottery when we learned about the potential of future iPhones coming with a battery that can last for up to a week from a single charge. Guess all those wishes at 11:11 are paying off.

weeklong battery iphone

According to The Telegraph, Apple is working with British company Intelligent Energy to produce a battery for future iPhones that will keep users far from the red battery sign of death for an entire week. While this battery would for sure alter the way we’re able to use iPhones of the future, it does seem like the reality of a battery lasting for an entire week is a ways away.

Here’s several reasons why, according to Forbes writer Jay McGregor. First and foremost, the technology being tested for the everlasting battery (at least in regards to today’s batteries) uses a form of hydrogen fuel. What that means is the battery currently creates a small amount of water vapor, meaning the battery itself requires its own fan and ventilation. Sounds like a headache already. Due to that water vapor production you wouldn’t be able to slide the phone into your pocket, or even a bag, because of that previously mentioned requirement: ventilation.

If that wasn’t already a huge setback facing the weeklong battery in its current stage, there’s sadly more. Due to the need for that fan, the iPhone would itself become extremely large and heavy. While we are enjoying the perks of large screen phones, we sure don’t want them to get any heavier.

Finally, the hydrogen battery also is said to need several days to charge to get that weeklong status. YIKES!

So while this is an exciting development — who wouldn’t want to have to worry about charging their phone for an entire week!? — it does seem more than a few iPhone cycles away from being a real thing. Until then, we’ll keep carrying that charging case and our spare cord.

What are your thoughts on a future where your iPhone could last for an entire week off one charge? Let us know in the comments.