You鈥檝e been loving our bundles! It started with our Lettering Lover Bundle and Creative Designer Bundle, our bestselling bundles from 2017. And now we鈥檙e bringing more bundles (and savings) your way!

We鈥檝e added three new bundles to Brit + Co classes. All of the courses included in each bundle are some of our most popular classes, taught by instructors who are student favorites. Check them out below.

New BUndles with BIG SAVINGS

1. iPad Illustration With Molly Jacques Bundle ($62; originally $78): You鈥檒l save 20 percent on two of our best-selling iPad illustration classes. In this bundle, you鈥檒l get access to our Intro to iPad Lettering course and iPad Illustration in Procreate course. Both classes will have you learning how to design in the app by using layers, lettering, illustration, and textures to create a beautiful illustration on your iPad. Woot!

2. Line Drawing With Peggy Dean Bundle ($46; originally $58): This bundle is all about creating loose line drawings without being burdened by perfection. Your instructor, Peggy Dean, is all about embracing imperfections, especially when it comes to line drawing. With this bundle, you鈥檒l learn how to draw florals and a quaint illustration of our home, all in that loose illustrative style that Peggy鈥檚 known for!

3. Illustration With Valerie McKeehan Bundle ($61; originally $87): Who doesn鈥檛 love watercolor, lettering, and florals!? With this bundle, you鈥檒l get access to Valerie鈥檚 unique style in two different mediums: chalk and watercolor. Plus, you save big on this one. By enrolling in this bundle, you鈥檒l get access to three of Valerie鈥檚 classes: Intro to Chalk Lettering, Intro to Chalk Illustration, and Watercolor Lettering and Illustration.

If you鈥檙e not seeing something you鈥檙e interested in here, make sure to head over to our bundle page to check out ALL of the bundles we have available. This includes bundles in Design, Lettering, and Photography. Bundle and save big today!