Betsey Johnson turned 75 last week, and in celebration, she hosted a party atop the NoMad Hotel in Manhattan 鈥 a city she left in 2015 for the sunny shores of Malibu, California. But New York City will always be the place where Johnson cut her teeth in the fashion industry. 鈥淚 just loved making clothes. I just loved cutting, sewing, and inventing. I just loved it,鈥 she tells Brit + Co. 鈥淢y first job was with that creative, crazy boutique operation called Paraphernalia in 1965.鈥

Now, after over 50 years in the industry, a 2015 CFDA Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award, and, most recently, a 2017 ACE Fashion Icon Award, she鈥檚 come a long way from being the 23-year-old, in-house designer of Paraphernalia who was brimming with ideas (鈥淭o get my first job there, I had to come with about a hundred sketches,鈥 Johnson reveals).

Along the way, she鈥檚 helmed the rock 鈥榥鈥 roll fave label Alley Cat, influenced the youthquake fashion movement, ran her own boutique Betsey Bunky Nini (where Andy Warhol鈥檚 muse Edie Sedgwick was her house model), and founded an eponymous label. What鈥檚 never changed despite each addendum of her mile-long achievement tally? Her effusive, idiosyncratic personal style: hot pinks, tulle, bows, and a cheeky, subversive irreverence toward the institution of fashion.

So when we had a moment to speak to her, we had to know what exactly she鈥檚 learned along her journey and, given the chance, what she would tell her younger self: 鈥淧lay around, experiment, and test yourself out!鈥 Johnson says. 鈥淵ou may never find out your perfect style until you鈥檙e my age, but you鈥檒l look great along the way as long as you鈥檙e creative and true to yourself. There are no real rules in fashion, so don鈥檛 be afraid to try out new things all the time!鈥

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(Photo via Christina Emilie, Scott Rudd Events)