What did you learn this weekend? We, along with SNL host, Spider-Man star and international cutie Andrew Garfield, were schooled on a very important lesson about the rules of worshipping Beyonce. The rules are: You must. Period. No exceptions. If you don’t “love” one of her songs, you better learn to love it, learn all the moves and be able to do them on command. This SNL digital short shows us (and Andrew, who dares admit a lack-o-love for “Drunk in Love”) what happens to you when you don’t — watch below and consider yourself warned:

And just for fun, watch Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield suck at kissing in this skit. As much as we love (love, love, love) Emma, we wouldn’t mind being the stand-in for a smooch from her real-life BF. But we know, we know, #girlcode :’(

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