Leave it to Beyoncé to remain eloquent and perfect (and a little bit sneaky) while accepting an award, even when she’s not there. During last night’s BET Awards telecast, the Lemonade singer won the People’s Choice Award for her video “Sorry,” and since she’s been out of the spotlight (possibly because she gave birth to the twins), she sent her protégés Chloe X Halle to accept the award with a handwritten note.

The duo are sisters from Atlanta who have been taken under Bey’s wing after being found on YouTube and having been featured prominently in her Lemonade film. They took to the stage with a handwritten note from Queen Bey herself, thanking fans and throwing just a little bit of shade at her father, Matthew Knowles.

“Thank you BET for this award and your tremendous support of Lemonade. This has been a journey of love, of celebrating our culture, honoring the past, and approaching the present and future with hope and resolve,” the singer wrote.

Chloe x Halle BET Awards

The note continued, “Thank you to my mother Tina Knowles Lawson for being my biggest, biggest teacher and consistent influence. Thank you to my entire family for so much love,” leaving us wondering if this was specific shade against Matthew Knowles after he enraged fans (and probably Bey and JAY) by tweeting a congratulatory message after the alleged birth of the twins.

It wrapped up with Bey telling the audience how great they looked, and thanking her fans and team at Parkwood. Of course, Bey is both kind and humble without even being there to accept her award.

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(h/t Bustle; photo via Maury Philips/Getty)