From the moment Bey announced her pregnancy in the most epic of ways back in February, the Beyhive has been holding its collective breath, waiting for the big day when her and Jay-Z’s double bundles of joy would grace us with their presence.

Beyonce and Jay Z

That day has finally arrived, and needless to say, the internet is in full-blown celebratory mode: We’re talking confetti cannons and unicorns everywhere, people! Here are just some of the best reactions so far:

1. This Sad Truth: With parents this iconic, there’s no doubt these two little mini-mes are destined for greatness (just like big sis Blue Ivy).

2. Time for Pics: After nine LONG months, WE’RE READY, Bey!

3. Social Stalker: We can TOTALLY relate.

4. #Blessed: They may be babies, but it won’t be long before the twins undoubtedly come to realize just how blessed they are early on (how could they not?!).

5. A Secret Plan: Noooo… she didn’t! (Did she?)

6. Mission Impossible: Please, please, please, can we meet the Carter twins?!

7. Party Time: No pressure, guys, they’re just the most famous babies in the world.

8. Wait Just a Minute: We’re sure Blue will be just fine!

Congrats to the happy parents! We CANNOT wait to see photos!

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(Photo via Lester Cohen/Getty)