Now that both the Republican National Convention and the Democratic National Convention have drawn to a close, we’re inching closer and closer to November’s election. While we expected the biggest meme-worthy event from this week’s DNC to be Elizabeth Banks’ “Fight Song” video, we were thankfully mistaken. Besides being the most history-making US election of all time, we have been blessed with the knowledge that Bill Clinton basically loves balloons. And how, you might be wondering, would we know this? Well, thanks to the Internet and cameras, we were able to catch the former President joyously frolic in the balloons that were dropped after his wife’s nomination speech. The results are nothing less than spectacular.

Democratic National Convention: Day Four

Bill seems pretty excited at the start of the drop, right? You’d think a grown man could dial it down when faced with thousands of balloons, but Bill Clinton isn’t just any man. He’s a Presidential balloon-lover and he’s not afraid to show the world.

Bill was basically a kid in a candy store with all the balloons — he even decided to keep one.

Democratic National Convention: Day Four

Look at him, he’s legit insanely happy RN.

The reaction has been swift and savage on Twitter, too.

And if, like us, you’re wondering how they get rid of all those extra balloons? Well…

Here’s to hoping that if Hillary wins the election she’ll make sure there are loads of balloons for Bill to dance around with!

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(Photos via Jessica Kourkounis/Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty)