With the election coming up faster than we like to admit (summer’s going so fast!), both the Republicans and the Democrats have officially elected their nominees for President at their party conventions. While the GOP had a couple of celebs who are mostly popular due to their reality TV exposure, Hillary’s camp has garnered more modern and popular celebs to stump for her (but not, unsurprisingly, Meghan Trainor). At the Democratic Convention, a video was premiered to showcase the celebrities in support of Hillary, and they made quite a case for why she deserves votes this November.

Elizabeth Banks hosted most of the second night of the Democratic National convention (which also had presentations from Alicia Keys and Meryl Streep!), and at the end of Bill Clinton’s rousing speech in support of his wife, Banks premiered the video, chock full of celebrity cameos. “Fight Song,” as the video is officially called, was inspired by the movie Pitch Perfect and features Banks, Mandy Moore, Idina Menzel and more. It seems like the Dems have a better roster of support from Hollywood than the GOP does, but we’re not sure what that will mean in November in terms of votes cast.

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(Photo via Andrew Angerer/Getty)