If recent activewear trends have proven anything, it’s that going to the gym doesn’t necessarily mean you have to look like you’re going to the gym. Joga Jeans are a perfect union between yoga pants and denim and Nikes can now be printed with your favorite Instagram snaps. Streetwear and activewear walk a very blurred line, and things are about to get even blurrier. Now you can use luxury handbags to carry your sweaty sneakers — or so everyone will think. Gym Tote is a new English gym bag line that has recently released a tote that looks just like the oh-so-sought-after Hermès Birkin bag. The tote, which has been named The Eva, comes in at £115, or roughly $185, a small fraction of the luxury bag’s $10,000+ price tag. GymTote co-owner Helena Searcaigh tells well+GOOD she got the idea for the bag when she was in a meeting with her boss, went to pull out a file and her sports bra fell out onto the table. This bag definitely sorts out that embarrassing dilemma. The Eva comes complete with a water-resistant back-facing base compartment for gym clothes, an exterior pull-out sleeve for shoes and a separate water bottle pocket. Aside from the sheer functionality of this bag, it might be worth buying just to watch people’s reaction as you stuff your sweats into what they *think* is a 10K designer bag.

Would you sport this at the gym? What does your gym bag look like? Share a pic with us!

(h/t well+GOOD)