Good Housekeeping Beauty Editor Sam Escobar (or, as you may know them, @myhairisblue) is someone you need to follow on Twitter ASAP, if you don’t already. They’re witty, prolific, one of the best subtweeters out there, and they possess a wealth of beauty knowledge. Seriously — you wanna know whether a new highlighter is worth the hype before it comes out? Look no further.

But Sam’s Twitter timeline is also the place to look for something else most of us desperately need — body positivity. They’ve had their weight in their bio for a while now, and last night, they posted a tweet-storm about weight and our perceptions of our own body that is a total must-read.

This kind of honesty and openness is SO refreshing. So often, any talk about weight, size and even food consumption is shrouded in mystery. There is rarely talk of actual numbers — and even when there is, those numbers are rarely accurate, because as Sam points out, vanity sizing makes it hard to know what size you really are. It makes it hard to get a clear idea of your body when one retailer tells you you’re a size 8 and the next tells you you’re a 12!

While it’s normally considered a taboo to compare ourselves to others, and it can sometimes be unhealthy for body image, the conversation that Sam started had the opposite results. Many people responded to Sam’s tweets with their own stats (height, weight, and/or size) and full-length body shots, and so many of the comments were grateful for the body-positive conversation. An astonishing number of people have skewed perceptions of their own bodies these days, and seeing our own measurements on other people can help us look at our own bodies more objectively and see that we are beautiful too.

And truly — we all are beautiful, regardless of our size. That’s the point of Sam’s tweets. Regardless of weight or a number on a tag, we are all worthy of feeling great when we get dressed and take a selfie in the mirror — we’re also worthy of a bunch of faves and RTs.

Head on over to Sam’s thread on Twitter and read all the wonderful responses. They’ve also RT’ed a ton of replies, and you don’t want to miss that, so check them out here!

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