Twitter profile on Apple iPhone 5S

Twitter is not shutting down in 2017. We repeat: Twitter is not shutting down. You would be forgiven for thinking so, seeing that news about the social network’s imminent shutdown was trending on the network itself earlier today. Using the hashtag #SaveTwitter, users rallied around their beloved network that they thought would cease to be next year.

It all started with a Twitter outage that only lasted a few minutes.

Then, because this is the Internet, things got out of control.

It didn’t stop.

It just kept going.

And going.

And then trolls decided to spread a hoax, saying that the network would shut down for good next year, due to cyberbullying.

Then it got out of hand. #SaveTwitter started trending globally.

By then, a few astute people figured out what was actually happening. Journalists at The Independent reached out to Twitter. Representatives from the social network confirmed that there is absolutely no truth to the rumors and Twitter is not shutting down because of cyberbullying.

So rest assured: The social network is not dead. Twitter users can keep sending their 140-character pranks out into cyberspace for the foreseeable future and other people will keep believing them.

Luckily, Twitter isn’t shutting down and you can still tweet us @BritandCo!

(h/t Venture Beat; photo via Getty)