While crochet dresses, natural details and floral crowns are commonly associated with boho wedding style, there’s a new boho that really has our attention (and Pinterest-browsing) at an all-time high. Streamlined dresses, dreamy mismatched tablescapes, wild florals and super personal ceremonies are just a few of the elements that make up today’s modern boho wedding. Think of it as the grown-up version of the old boho: the same carefree vibes, but Solange-level style. Yup, we’re completely smitten too.

To find out how to get the elevated, low-fuss look for your special day, we asked for exclusive tips from Christy Baird, owner of LOHO Bride, the San Francisco- and Melrose-based bridal boutique that currently rules the non-traditional wedding dress market. Scroll through LOHO Bride’s latest bridal photos below and get some tips for making your bohemian wedding dreams come true!

boho wedding dress loho bride
boho wedding dress loho bride

LOHO Bride seems to be *the* place for brides to find a boho dress that’s unique and elevated. How would you describe the bohemian brides who shop at LOHO Bride?

Christy Baird: The brides who shop with us and who want something bohemian are usually looking for something with a little bit of a fashion twist. So nothing too literal — a lot of times they’ll take the gown and style it up with bohemian flair. We cater to that type of bride.

Floral crowns are almost a boho wedding requirement, but we absolutely love the headpieces at LOHO Bride. What are your favorite floral crown alternatives?

CB: Right now I’m really obsessed with back crowns. Designer Jennifer Behr makes really beautiful gold and silver cast crowns that have metal flowers. A lot of girls are putting them in the back with a veil coming out. We just had a bride take one of these and add actual florals into it, so it’s kind of a mix of metal and real florals, which I love. I think a lot of girls are just taking their love for the flower crown, modernizing it and trying to mix things up. The flower crown is a very oversaturated thing, but there’s a way to put your own spin to it and make it feel fresh.

boho wedding dress loho bride

If you were to plan your own bohemian wedding, what do you envision?

CB: Gosh, in a perfect world! It would probably be in Bali or I’d choose somewhere local like Joshua Tree. I’d take a more modern route and wear a super clean dress or silhouette, then add in bohemian elements like a back crown in my hair. I’d just keep it really breezy. I think bohemian is a word that can be used in a lot of different ways. The way that I like to use it is in the feeling of the wedding and not necessarily what you see visually. Having a really bohemian-feeling wedding is amazing because it kind of takes pressure off of everyone. Everyone can have a good time and there’s a nice flow to it. At bohemian weddings or weddings that have that ethos to them, everyone can relax and feel like they don’t have to sit up straight or get too dressy. I love when, during the ceremony, people can get on pillows, have a cocktail in hand and just have it not feel too formal. One of our brides did a tea ceremony that I thought was so cool. Just something of that nature where you’re not taking yourself too seriously.

Are there any celebrity or real bohemian brides you’re inspired by?

CB: Yes! My favorites are Pamela Love, Erica Pelosini and Katie Shillingford.

boho wedding dress loho bride
boho wedding dress loho bride

What are your tips for a bohemian bride looking for her dream wedding dress?

CB: Go in with an open mind and consider styling it with a bohemian feel. What you bring to the dress is going to be what gives it that overall style. Yes, you can have the beautiful lace gown, but you can also style something clean and bring those elements to the gown. It doesn’t have to scream bohemia when you see it on the rack, so don’t close yourself off from trying things on — there are always ways to style something a certain way. And that’s something we push to girls all the time. I love wild florals and what they can do for a look, but sometimes your dress is so busy that with florals it starts to feel like too much. Being able to start with a clean canvas and adding elements like a wildflower bouquet, you can achieve the look while still being polished. There’s always getting inspiration and seeing how people mix things up, but I think going in with an open mind is the most important thing. Don’t get too stuck on one look or one vision.


Who are your favorite boho bridal designers?

CB: Our two favorites that we’re loving: Bo & Luca and Cortana, a different type of bohemian designer who isn’t as obvious. In photos, you might not think their dresses are bohemian, but they make you feel very free, light, airy and ethereal.

boho wedding dress loho bride

What dress styles or trends are you most excited about right now?

CB: I’m really loving that body suits are coming in hot this season, and the idea of mixing and matching different elements that you love. A lot of girls love this about one dress and this about another dress, and now you can actually get all that through body suits and separates. Bodysuits also give you that security without having to wear Spanx. I think that’s really cool.

boho wedding dress loho bride

What advice would you give to boho brides when it comes to makeup and accessories?

CB: I find that when girls have too much makeup on and they’re not like that on a daily basis, they end up having a hard time recognizing themselves in photos. Go into your makeup trial with it being clear to your makeup artist that you want to look elevated from your normal daily life, but not so elevated that you don’t recognize yourself. Your partner loves the way you look every day and thinks you’re beautiful in that form, so to go too far from that is never a good idea. Once you get your gown, I recommend taking your time in choosing your accessories. There are so many ways you can go, and that’s the fun part — knowing what your gown is and searching for inspiration as you’re just out shopping or looking at street style. You can find inspiration in a lot of different ways — it doesn’t just have to be Pinterest or Instagram. And take your time thinking about how you want to style your gown. To me, the styling part of it is the icing on the cake. It really completes the look, and you don’t want to rush that part.

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(Photos via Sally Pinera)

(1. Dress: Houghton, 2. Dress: Houghton, 3. Headpiece: Jennifer Behr, Veil: A la Robe, 4. Dress: Odylyne: The Ceremony, 5. Dress: Kamperett, 6. Dress: Cortana, 7. Dress: Karla Spetic, 8. Dress: Houghton, 9. Dress: Samantha Pleet)