How excited are we for Halloween? Witch please, we鈥檙e BEYOND excited. In case you haven鈥檛 noticed, we鈥檝e been counting down the days until Halloween since鈥 honestly, last November.

Now that it鈥檚 October, we can barely contain ourselves! While you might not be able to dress up all month long (ok鈥 we might actually do that), you can totally start chowing down on the spookiest of treats.

To kickstart the celebrations, we鈥檝e asked all of you to share your favorite treats and we鈥檝e already received some great entries! Thinking of entering? Be sure to take a look at the judges鈥 tips to learn what it takes to make a winning guide before submitting.

Here are some of our favorite entries so far!


1. Peanut Butter Spiderweb Crackers: Get creative with your after-school snacks and serve up some spiderweb crackers. They鈥檙e sure to be a hit! (via Snapguide)


2. Mummy Cookie Pops: Don鈥檛 get wrapped up in hard-to-make Halloween treats and opt for these frightfully easy mummy pops. Store-bought cookies never looked so good! (via Snapguide)


3. Graveyard Pizza: Eating veggies has never been more fun than with this devilishly spooky pizza! Your kids will be so obsessed with the worms, eyeballs, spiders and vampire fangs, they won鈥檛 even notice how healthy their dinner is. That鈥檚 our kind of magic ;) (via Snapguide)


4. Pumpkin Spice Rice Krispy Treats: Nothing says fall quite like pumpkin spice (PSL lovers, where ya at!?), and we鈥檙e taking this opportunity to add our fave seasonal flavor to EVERYTHING, including our Rice Krispie treats! (via Snapguide)


5. Bleeding Candy Apples: Still wrapped up in the vampire-mania? Then these candy apples are for you. Choose your juiciest apples from your latest apple picking adventure and let the bloodthirst begin! (via Snapguide)

All those treats look frightfully delicious, but do you think you can do better? Then submit your own step-by-step guide HERE!


The grand prize winner will win a KitchenAid庐 Professional 600 Stand Mixer, AKA the *must* have kitchen tool for this holiday season. Check out all of the other awesome prizes here.

So grab a cauldron and get ready to share your best spooktacular snacks on Snapguide!

Don鈥檛 forget to enter by submitting your step-by-step guide here.