Whether you’re a lingerie lover or have a “meh” relationship at best with your bras, we have something you might want to check out. Something you might not have heard of before. Something that might make your breasts (and yourself, of course) super happy. Something called a half-boob sling. Yes, a half-boob sling.

Half-boob sling

WTF is a half-boob sling, you ask? Well, it’s pretty much exactly what you’d imagine… if you were inclined to imagine something called a half-boob sling. Thankfully for us, the fine folks over at Honeydew Intimates did just that, and created the item which the Nordstrom website describes as an “intensely alluring bralette [which] features an intriguing design with a point d’esprit cap-sleeve yoke, lacy open cups, and a strappy front.”

Half-boob sling _ black and pink

Offering “light support” to “most A-C cup sizes,” it appears as if this is more for style than over-the-shoulder-boulder-holding (as the ol’ saying goes), and will set you back around $50.

Whether you like the style or not, need the tiny bit of support or not, you may just want to grab one so that you can say that you own a half-boob sling because, well, why not?

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(h/t Jezebel, photos via Honeydew Intimates/Nordstrom + Getty)