Our love of tech means that we’re all geared up with iPads, Kindles, and Nooks (oh my!), but we’ve still got it bad for a good old fashioned book. There’s nothing like curling up with a brand new (or classic) tome on a cozy winter afternoon or on a self-imposed snow day ;) And, books happen to look just as good as they read. We’ve already shown you our favorite bookshelves so now we turn to bookcases. Fair warning, this collection of cases is on the investment piece side of things, so you can consider each one a bit of eye candy or something new to save up for. Enjoy!

1. Polar Bear Bookcase ($1,680): First up, isn’t this bear-shaped bookcase kind of amazing? This would be amazing in a children’s library or DIY space.

2. Wyatt Shelving ($595-$895): The modern rustic aesthetic seems to be here to stay, and Restoration Hardware knows how to get it done.

3. Sloped & Slanted Bookcase ($1,498): This bookcase sort of makes us dizzy, but we’re digging the strange angles and slopes that create each section. It would be fun to organize books by color in a bookcase like this… or in any bookcase ;)

4. Rocky Credenza and Bookshelf ($4,975): Whoa. Now this is a piece of modern art gone functional. We love how the pattern of the floor echoes the geometry of the bookshelf.

5. Read Your Bookcase (contact to order): We will NEVER get over this bookcase! We first came across it when searching for awesome typographic decor and have been swooning over it ever since.

6. Stacked Shelving System ($ varies): Want to create a sort of collage for your books and other odds and ends? This system lets you clip ’em on in any configuration you like. Go high, go wide, or just go nuts.

7. Hay’s Woody Shelving ($1,515): There’s something about the simplistic look of this that feels like a visual breath of fresh air, don’t you think?

8. Fausto Bookcase ($1,750): This distant relative of the polar bear bookcase is decidedly more fierce, and would look right at home in a man cave.

9. Tiered Tower Bookcase ($649): At first glance, this looks like a regular old bookcase. But look closer, and you can see that each shelf dips to create a more tiered look.

10. Muuto Shelf ($738): We’re digging the ’60s look of this, like it could come out of a minimalist version of Austin Powers or something.

11. Morgan Leaning Bookcase ($399): The leaning bookcase isn’t anything new, but we couldn’t resist including this recent classic.

12. Magis Collection Me Too Shelving ($444): Beep boop bop bop! These little dudes look like a cross between space invaders and building blocks, and they make for a very playful set of shelves.

13. Kansai Bookcase ($1,298): This circular option would make for a great statement piece in a cozy den or living room.

14. Elevate Walnut Bookcase ($1,199): Another one that looks pretty darn wonky at first glance, we love that this bookcase works as a standalone piece, with just a few books and odds and ends adorning it.

15. Opus Incertum Bookcase ($424): Is this a bookcase or wall art?

16. Elston Engine Modular Shelf ($80 each): Here’s another shelving system that’s easy to customize based on your space. We’re digging the red and white color palette.

17. Quad Shelving Unit ($1,009): Whoa! Diagonal books, what what!

18. Eames Storage Unit, 2×2 ($1,249): Gotta have an Eames piece of furniture in here! Even if it’s not officially a bookcase ;)

19. Array Yellow Bookcase ($189): Part of our neon home decor roundup this neon bookcase is primed to give a boost of sunshine to even the most tired of books.

20. Cave Bookcase (concept): And finally, a piece of conceptual awesomeness. We absolutely need one of these at Brit HQ.

Which of these will make your dream furniture wish list? Talk to us in the comments below.