We are total typophiles, word nerds, and font junkies here at Brit + Co. If we see something in a foxy font, we just have to have it. We’ve already shown you a collection of doormats that say the darnedest things but now we’re looking to take your love of type to the next level. Now, presenting 10 awesome typographic pieces of decor for you home.

1. Letter Stools (contact to order): Bright colors always win with us, and these letter stools are definitely our jam. We love the idea of putting these in a kid’s room or den.

2. Typeshelf ($165): It’s a shelf that says shelf. So meta.

3. Concrete Boom ($315): Boom boom boom, now let me hear you say wayoh (wayoh)!

4. Typographia Chairs (contact to order): Another set that lets you order letter by letter, these would make perfect waiting room chairs for a Silicon Valley startup.

5. Type Chess Set ($420): What other classic games lend themselves to typography fun?

6. QWERTY Couch (concept): QWERTY keyboards are still cool, but now in chair form!

7. Read Your Bookcase (contact to order): Seriously, how amazing is this bookcase? It’s art meets function in an awesome way.

8. Typographic Time Zone Clocks ($85): If you’ve got lots of relatives, colleagues, and/or friends in multiple time zones, you’ll love these time zone clocks.

9. Vers Libre Candle Holders ($45 and up): These have wedding DIY project all over them – you could try making them using old letterpress letters!

10. Aluminum Ampersand ($54): And last, the ever-present ampersand.

And just for good measure, another shot of these gorgeous Typographia chairs. Do we see a Brit + Co. set in our future? ;)

Are you a fellow typophile? Which of the pieces above is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below.