18 Photos That Prove Dads Are Still the Original Hipsters
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18 Photos That Prove Dads Are Still the Original Hipsters

At Brit + Co we <3 our fathers. Like for real, for real. To showcase our love for the Old Man in our lives this Father’s Day, we figured we’d go the Original Hipster route and splash glorious throwback shots of them on the World Wide Web for fellow dads out there to draw some modern day inspo from. FYI, their old-school looks are totally Bro + Co-worthy. Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads across the land <3

1. Senior DIY Editor Roxy Taghavian’s Dad, Taghi: The ultimate style star in the dad department.

2. Channel Marketer Victoria Haas’s Pa, Larry: Overalls + a ‘stache is always a winning combo.

3. Associate Editor Cortney Clift’s Dad, Tony: This father-daughter duo is giving us Saved by the Bell vibes to the max, and we’re loving it.

4. Head of Creative Anjelika Temple’s Papa, Arvind Paranjpe: We say more wire frames, always!

5. Associate Editor Sean Griffis’ Dad, Steve: He be on his suit + tie game flawlessly.

6. Editorial Director Lisa Raphael’s Father, Bill: Championship ring + oversized glasses + mustache = #winning

7. Brand Partnerships Manager Alex Miller’s Dad, Dave: Tinted shades, full beard, can’t lose.

8. Brand Analytics Manager Juliet Ashley’s Dad, Phil: This pop screams rocker dad + we’re all about it.

9. Head of Marketing Cecelia Cox’s Father, Robb: We won’t lie, we love a guy in a plaid tie.

10. DIY Editor Kelly Bryden’s Pa, David: Whatcha lookin’ at, David?

11. Editorial Director Lisa Raphael’s Father, Bill/William: Your dad was taking pix of his crappy beer long before you were.

12. Art Director Annie Kubena’s Pop, Greg: Short shorts are better than any other shorts we think.

13. VP of Brand Partnerships Carrie Kelly’s Father, Michael: A matching suit + vest combo makes for one suave dad.

14. DIY Editor Roxy Taghavian’s Dad, Taghi: Yep, there are wings on that hat + yes, they are amazing.

15. Assistant Buyer + Operations Casey Richards’ Dad, Dan: While this is all about the dads, we can’t help but love Casey’s floral outfit + big headband.

16. Digital Sales Planner Ashley Fischer’s Pop, Chuck: Say cheese, Chuck ;)

17. Director of Brand Partnerships, West Terri Hintz’s Father, Gary: Unsure if we love the dad look or those cars more.

18. Style Editor Kate Puhala’s Pa, Bob: Now that is an impressive mustache.

Was your dad an original hipster rocking huge frames + a mustache/beard combo? Share those throwback photos with us in the comments/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram.