The OA was the Netflix hit no one saw coming last December — there was very little fanfare up until its release — and since then fans have been clamoring to know when we’ll see a second season. In a live event with Netflix today, she revealed that for the second season, things are still getting “strategized.”


Today’s Netflix event had creator and actress Brit Marling, who also plays the lead character Prairie, talking about her plans for Season Two. She talked about how season one played less like episodes of a TV show and more like an eight-hour feature film. “I think basically we made an eight-hour feature and we wrote all eight hours up front,” the actress said. “We spent a long time coming up with the world and the content and the potential for it to go many seasons.” (We hope so!) This form of long form, non-stop storytelling is exactly where Netflix originals excel. We’re seeing fewer “previously on X…” bits, which allows viewers to stay in the moment.

In regards to the second season, she hopes it’ll have all the best characteristics of the first. “It’s an intense experience but I think also it ended up creating something that’s very cohesive narratively, rather than episodic… so we wanna do that again. How we’re going to get to the end of that, the second time around, I’m not sure, but we’re strategizing right now.”


It sounds like we can expect a riveting second installment, and we can’t wait.

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(Photos via Netflix, Kimberly Wang/Brit + Co, Araya Diaz/Getty)