If you’ve always wanted to create that beautiful calligraphy look without the mess of ink or water, our upcoming brush lettering workshop is for you!

Psst! If you pre-order the class today, you’ll save 15 percent, but only for a limited time! This offer ends on 1/09.

Join in on the action as your instructor, lettering extraordinaire Sharisse DeLeon, teaches a classroom of students the basics of brush lettering. This class will give you an in-person workshop feel but from the comfort of your home! Plus, you’ll get access to Sharisse, whose in-person workshops sell out super quick, and an online class that you can reference whenever you need it! Woot!


In this Brush Pen Calligraphy Workshop, will also give you an overview of color blending with brush pens and how to add a bit of personal style to your letters with flourishes and embellishments.

By the end of this class, you’ll know how to:

  1. Use a brush pen to create the basic strokes that are the building blocks of lettering
  2. Create unique, ombre designs using color blending techniques
  3. Add flourishes and embellishments to your designs that add character and style

We know that one perk of attending an in-person workshop is that you get access to other students learning a new skill too. So, also included in your class purchase will be extra footage with the students who took the class with you. Each student will cover what they learned from the class and how they’re using their new skill IRL!



Plus, in addition to learning awesome new creative skills, you’ll also unlock a 10-page workbook created by Sharisse that includes:

  • A starter guide showing you how to vary pressure to create the fundamental strokes
  • An alphabet reference sheet showing you how to form each letter
  • Grid sheets that you can print out for practice sessions
  • A quick color-blending tutorial using brush pens
  • Examples of proven color combinations
  • Embellishment examples that you can add to your lettering designs
  • A mockup of your final project

Whether you’re a beginner or a more experienced letterer, this class will teach you the brush pen lettering skills to create custom quotes, greeting cards, signage and more!


So what are you waiting for? Pre-order for this beginner lettering class today! You’ll be on your way to creating the beautiful lettering style you’ve always wanted!