While we love tricking out boring old iPhone cases with paper cut-outs, doilies, and wood, some custom cases really are worth the extra dollars. Case in point: Kees! First, we love that the name of the company is a silly play on the word case. Second, we love that they employ 3D printing technology!

Similar to sites like Nike ID and Shoes of Prey that let you customize each aspect of your dream shoes, Kees’ online design builder lets you choose bumper style, two layers of illustration, color, and you can even add text to the side!

First, the bumper. Normally we like something minimal, but for this we wanted to be able to add text so we chose the Closed option.

Then, for our first layer, we chose Sparkly for obvious reasons.

Then, a lightning bolt!

As far as material goes, for white, black, gray, red, and navy blue, cases are $50 a pop. If you’re like us and need your neon fix anywhere you can get it, pay an extra $62.50 for Penelope Pink or Bombastic Blue.

And, of course, we couldn’t resist adding Brit’s Twitter handle to the side.

We’d love to see screen shots of your ideal Kees case. Share your pics with us on Twitter or Facebook and we’ll share our favorites on our blog.