Nothing is worse than going to spread some butter on your newly toasted bread, only to find the butter is too dang cold to use. Lucky for us, a new crazy kitchen gadget hopes to solve this heartbreaking problem. The biēm Butter Sprayer warms a stick of butter to a gloriously cozy 95 degrees and allows you to spray that butter on anything your little heart desires. Popcorn? Check. Grilled corn on the cob? Double check. Basically anything that you want buttered is fair game.

butter spray

Yep. You heard us — fresh, real spray butter. None of that gross spray margarine here. Only delicious butter.

The possibilities for using this tool are endless and could actually even help us eat less butter. Just a little spray instead of a giant pat of butter over your veggies to get the flavor with less? Yes please!

This amazing tool is currently in pre-production, with a new Kickstarter campaign. For a $99 donation, you essentially get to pre-order this useful gadget. With 30 days to go, and a little over half way there, biēm needs just under $20k in order to bring this ingenious design to the masses.

Where do we sign?

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