Buh-bye, boiled corn. We’ve found something better — infinitely better. Since we’ve been grilling everything under the sun this season, from our breakfast to our fruit, we were thrilled to discover the smokey, grilled flavor of a slightly charred, sweet ear of corn. We know, it’s not hard to grill up good corn on the cob. But if you’re armed with the right recipe, good corn can transform into fantastic corn! Here are 20 crazy-good grilled corn recipes… because grills were made for so much more than burgers.

1. Mexican Street Corn: Hand over the corn and no one gets hurt. This street-food-style corn — grilled and slathered in a creamy sauce — is completely irresistible. (via House on the Hills)

2. Grilled Corn on the Cob With Jalapeño Butter: You thought corn off the grill was hot? Think again. Things get seriously spicy when you add this jalapeño butter. (via Handle the Heat)

3. Grilled Corn on the Cob With Cilantro, Pesto, Chili and Parmesan: Smothered in spices and a hearty handful of parmesan, this grilled cob is perfection. (via Drizzle and Dip)

4. Grilled Corn on the Cob With Honey Butter: Found: the perfect side dish for your summer barbecue. A creamy honey butter perfectly complements the starchy sweetness of the corn. (via Picture Perfect Meals)

5. Taiwanese Grilled Corn: Here’s a recipe that reinvents one of summer’s most-loved foods. This corn takes the meaning of “barbecue” to an entirely new level. (via Plentytude)

6. Zesty Grilled Corn: Pull that still-warm corn off the grill and kick up the heat with smoky paprika, crushed red pepper and lime zest. Now that’s the way to amp up a cob. (via Noshing with the Nolands)

7. Spicy Grilled Corn: Here’s a zesty spin on the classic grilled corn. Instead of boiling away all the flavor, place those cobs (still wearing their husks) directly on the grill. Bonus tip: Husking is much more simple when the corn is heated. (via Live Life and Good Food)

8. Grilled Herb Butter Corn: The smokiness of the grill pairs perfectly with sweet corn and a buttered herb sauce. This recipe suggests grilling the corn while still wearing their papery husks — just soak them in water first to prevent burning. (via Southern Fatty)

9. Mexican Grilled Corn on the Cob: Elote is the traditional name for Mexican corn that is slathered in mayonnaise and topped off with cotija cheese, lime and chili powder. Yes, please. (via Jason and Shawnda)

10. Bacon-Wrapped Corn With Chipotle Glaze: You’ve heard the old adage: everything’s better with bacon on it. We’re firm believers. (via Onion Rings and Things)

11. Barbecue Grilled Corn With Garlic and Parmesan Cheese: All good things come with butter. And cheese. And garlic. No exception here! This ear is buttered up with a garlic mixture and garnished generously with parmesan, parsley and a pinch of crunchy sea salt. Prepare yourself to be accosted by raving foodies proclaiming, “I need that recipe!” (via Best Recipe Box)

12. Grilled Corn With Chobani Lime Sauce: This cob is grilled, cheese-ed, sauced and spiced. Trust us, you’ll never want your corn another way. (via Chobani)

13. Grilled Cilantro-Lime Corn on the Cob: Skip the butter to create a cob that skimps on fat but not on flavor. Sign us up! (via A Bachelor and His Grill)

14. Smokey Parmesan Corn on the Cob: Corn for supper? You betcha. We’ll have no problem filling up on this fab food. (via The Endless Meal)

15. Grilled Corn on the Cob With Jalapeño-Lime Aioli + Parmesan Cheese: The perfect technique for grilling corn involves aluminum foil. Grab a roll and get ready to chow the juiciest ear you’ve ever tasted. (via From Brazil to You)

16. Mexican Corn: The smaller size of these cobs make them appear more sophisticated — but don’t be fooled. Every bite is exploding with flavor. (via The Talking Kitchen)

17. Grilled Lime Corn and Queso Fresco: A basic summer staple just turned blissful. This recipe pulls from some Mexican flavors like lime, cumin and paprika for an exotic, kicked-up corn cob. (via Personal Chef Approach)

18. Grilled Corn With Basil and Gorgonzola: Grilled to perfection and smothered in a buttery Gorgonzola and basil mixture, this might just be the most delicious corn ever. You’ll never know ’til you try it. (via Coupon Clipping Cook)

19. Jamaican Street Corn: Jamaican spiced curry, mayo and toasted coconut make an epic combo. There’s no going back to plain ol’ butter and salt. (via Diva Eats World)

20. Grilled Corn on the Cob Five Ways: Here’s inspiration for the fans who can’t wait to try ’em all. You’ve heard of a taco bar? Here’s a twist: the corn bar. Tons of butter and fresh toppings only make this basic food better. (via Food + Femininity)

We told you — no standard corn here! Which version are you dyin’ to get on your grill?