We’re huge fans of making our homes smarter, but what if we could make them safer? The newest player in the home automation game, Canary, promises to do just that. Looking for funding over on Indiegogo, the device is looking to position itself as an affordable home security system — that you control with an app!

The Canary is a small device that packs a big punch. It has a wide variety of sensors, including HD camera, motion detector, microphone, and air quality, all designed to measure and report the most essential aspects of your home safety.

Once you plug it in, you can operate it totally via your smartphone. You’ll get alerts when something’s amiss and then you can decide what to do — call the police or text your next door neighbor so they can go check things out. Whether there’s an intruder, an unexpected change in temperature that may indicate a fire, or simply a false alarm, you can respond in the way that makes most sense to you for your home.

Canary also learns as it works. If you have specific habits or routines, it will learn them over time — no more accidentally setting off the alarm because your kid forgets to disarm the system when he gets home from school!

I think one thing that sets this device apart from traditional home security systems is how mobile it is. Because the only thing you need to do to hook it up is plug it in, you can set it up anywhere you are. So if you’re renting an apartment or tend to move a lot, no worries: you can still have a home security system, without dealing with the headache of trying to install one several times. As people who just moved offices, we can totally appreciate that feature!

On top of all that, it’s well designed. The device itself is unobtrusive and with its simple white and black design will definitely fit in with all your other tech gadgets, especially if you’re an Apple geek like us. It’s just six inches tall and three inches wide, meaning that it takes up very little space even while offering you a lot of function. The app has a friendly user interface and is easy to understand and use.

It’s still available over on Indiegogo for a pledge of $199 – snag yours today if you’re interested!

Would you use Canary to secure your home? What kind of smart devices do you use around the house? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!