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automated home 2024

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This Genie Grants the Ultimate Wish: A Keyless Front Door

Automated home technology is currently one of our favorite tech trends. Genie Smart Lock is the newest entry onto the market and it’s gonna change the way you open your front door forever.


Meet the Maker: SmartThings Hackineer Andrew Urman

You know we’re huge fans of making our homes smarter and more efficient here at Brit HQ. One of our favorites on the connected home scene? SmartThings. The company raised $1.2M (5x their original goal) on Kickstarter and has a line of innovative products (available at Brit + Co SF) that make it easy to turn your home into a smart one. We had a chance to chat with Andrew Urman, a hackineer (can we get that gig?!) at SmartThings. Read on for his favorite hacks, his advice for makers and more.


iKettle Lets You Boil Water Right from Your Phone!

We know, we know. The whole “now you can control this from your phone” thing is getting kind of out of hand, but we can’t help but being baffled each time a new gadget comes out. The rockstar this time? iKettle, a kettle that you can control from, wait for it… your phone!


The Future Home: A Window-Washing Robot

It’s no secret that we love robots here at Brit HQ. I mean, we even had one show up at our Re:Make conference last weekend! Needless to say, we were more than excited to discover WINBOT, the window-cleaning robot from ECOVACS Inc. A robot to help you with your chores? Yep, it’s safe to say that window washing will never be the same.


Nest Unveils Protect, a Ridiculously Smart Smoke Detector

The latest and greatest on the connected home scene? Nest Protect, a smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector that aims to make your home safer, more efficient, and more communicative with you. Almost two years ago now, we swooned over Nest, the first learning thermostat designed to make your home perfectly temperate, no matter what time of year. Nest’s latest foray into house essentials is a heroic one, as I’m sure we’ve all been guilty of getting so annoyed with our smoke alarms chirping that we simply take the batteries out and forget they even existed.


Now Your Sprinklers Can Be Controlled From Your Phone, Too!

The automated sprinkler isn’t anything new. In fact, we’ve probably all been burned (or soaked, as the case may be) by an automatic sprinkler or two on our way to a nice dinner, big interview, or first date. But, what if you could control that finicky watering system from your phone? Welcome to Lono, a gadget that might just change your lawn.


Say What!? How to Pay for Your Coffee With Your Heartbeat

Did you know that your heartbeat is as unique as your finger print? Like a gadget straight out of Gattaca, the new Nymi wristband could become the only thing you need to leave the house with each day. Wearing the wristband will make you just a heartbeat away from paying for your coffee, checking in at your hotel, and booting up your computer everyday—literally! We’re super excited to give it a try, and see what kinds of apps and integrations are built for it. So how does it work?


The Newest Way to Find Those Pesky Lost Keys

As much as we may not like to admit it, we all have our scatterbrained days. You know the ones: you wake up, can’t find your keys, leave your wallet on the seat of the cab, and somehow manage to lose your purse during dinner. Wouldn’t it be great if we had someone looking out for us on those days, making sure we have what we need exactly when we need it? While there are a couple of lost-and-found systems out there, the new Tile system might just be our favorite.


A Home Security System for the Smartphone Generation

We’re huge fans of making our homes smarter, but what if we could make them safer? The newest player in the home automation game, Canary, promises to do just that. Looking for funding over on Indiegogo, the device is looking to position itself as an affordable home security system — that you control with an app!