From cheeky birthday greetings to DIY valentines, we’re all about a good greeting card. And seeing as that heart-shaped holiday is on the horizon, we’ve rounded up a selection of the best off-the-shelf stunners to tell your Valentine just how you feel. Open the candy-hearts floodgates now.

1. You’re My Lobster ($8): Not only do we love all things ‘90s here at Brit + Co., but a Valentine’s Day card that combines the ‘90s and the beloved sitcom, Friends?! Yes, please.

2. Best Gal ($5): This peachy beauty is sure to bring a smile to your gal’s face on this heart-filled holiday.

3. It Was Always You ($8): Need we say more? This is up there with, “You had me at hello.” This sentimental note is sure to bring a tear to your sweetie’s eye.

4. You Have A Heart of Gold ($5): This is for that special guy or gal in your life who can do no wrong. Show them how much you care with this gorgeous gold foil stunner.

5. Skip A Beet ($6): We love a good pun, and there couldn’t be a cuter card for the vegetarian, vegan, or just full-out veggie lover in your life!

6. You’re My Density ($4): We could see Marty McFly giving this to his sweetie after the Under The Sea Dance. And we think your cutie will love it just as much.

7. I Want To Twerk With You ($5): Twerking gyrated its way to a whole new level in 2013. Let your significant other know that you have some moves to show off this Valentine’s Day.

8. You Are The One ($4): Thinking of popping the question with the help of cupid? We think this would be the perfect intro.

9. Squeeze You So Hard ($6): This one is for all the huggers out there. We suggest giving it to your main squeeze.

10. I Love Your Beard ($5): Let your man know that his lumber-jack looks are giving you heart palpitations. Because who doesn’t love a good beard?

11. You’ve Stolen My Heart ($5): How cute is this little thief? Give this note to the one who still takes your breath away.

12. Ditto ($6): For those who like to keep it simple (and have a hard time saying those three little words), this is for you.

13. Valentine Wishes ($5): Give a hug and kiss with this gold bling. We know your Valentine will reciprocate.

14. I Like Like You ($5): Doesn’t this one take you back? Feel free to have your friend pass this note along to your latest crush. We hope that they like like you right back.

15. Robot Love ($4): We love this nerdy take on l-o-v-e.

16. You Rad Me ($5): Show ‘em how you feel with this rad Venn Diagram.

17. I Love You Like Zombies Love Brains ($5): Your sweetheart will appreciate that you understand (and accept) their zombie apocalypse obsession.

18. Je T’Aime ($6): If you’re not ready to say “I love you” in English yet, say it in French. It sounds sexier anyway.

19. You and I Have Real Chemistry ($4): This card is perfect for your Breaking Bad-loving lover.

20. My Favorite ($6): With gold hearts and a red envelope, this card keeps it sweet and classic. It’ll let your Valentine know that they are on the top of your list.

How will you say “I love you” this Valentine’s Day? Talk to us in the comments!