All about DIY but still not quite sure where to begin with your Valentines this year? Well, you’re in luck. We’ve whipped up 4 quick and easy DIY stationery ideas that each take minutes to make.

 card stock or blank cards

embroidery floss + needle

pencil with an eraser

cork coasters

– gift boxes wrapped in kraft paper

 glue stick

Xacto knife

stamp pad

1. The Queen + King of Hearts: This one will take you approximately… 2 minutes!

Get some card stock or blank cards, glue on the queen or king of hearts, and write something cute underneath. Perhaps, “You are the King of My Heart” or “For My Queen of Hearts.”

2. Pop-Up Pixel Hearts: The moment we saw this tutorial on minieco, we knew we had to try it. Once you print out the template, it just takes a little bit of patience with your xacto knife to get beautiful results.

3. Cross-Stitch Heart: Remember this little darling from our January Brit Kit?

First, print out your heart template (available here). Tape it on your card and use a needle or push pin to poke holes through the front side of the card. Then take your needle and embroidery floss and start stitching! Pull the needle through the holes you’ve created, and create a series of X-shaped stitches, also known as cross-stitch. Tie a knot on the inside of the card when you’ve reached the end, and you’re done!

For instructions and a printable template, head here.

4. Heart-Stamped Goodies: Turn your pencil eraser into a heart-shaped stamp, and add a bit of love to all your cards, gifts, and even coasters!

To make your stamp, draw a small heart on your eraser. Then use an xacto to carve out the shape, and you’re done.

Press into a stamp pad and stamp anything you like. We went with gifts wrapped in kraft paper, cork coasters, and a set of cards.

And that’s a wrap! Easy, fun, and perfectly festive for your Valentine.

What DIY stationery have you made? Or tried to make? Talk to us in the comments below.