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Current Events
Please Stop Talking About How George W. Bush Cried at His Father’s Funeral
Cortney Clift · Dec 7, 2018
President Trump Picks Former ‘Fox and Friends’ Host for UN Ambassador
Elizabeth King · Dec 7, 2018
Current Events
Ivanka Trump’s Inclusion on Forbes ‘100 Most Powerful Women’ List Conflates Visibility With Influence
Kat Armstrong · Dec 7, 2018
Gender Issues
The Jessica Simpson-Natalie Portman Beef Is a Cultural Reckoning for 30-Something Women
Kelli Korducki · Dec 6, 2018
Current Events
It’s Time to Shut Down the ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ Debate Once and for All
Kat Armstrong · Dec 6, 2018
What People Get Wrong About George H.W. Bush’s Position on Abortion
Elizabeth King · Dec 6, 2018
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Putting Her Money Where Her Mouth Is and Paying Her Interns
Kat Armstrong · Dec 5, 2018
Current Events
Lena Dunham Got a Public Talking-To from the Mom of the Woman Who Accused a Former ‘Girls’ Producer of Assault
Kat Armstrong · Dec 5, 2018
Gender Issues
A Startling Proportion of Americans Still Don’t Believe in Gender Equality at Home
Kat Armstrong · Dec 4, 2018
Here’s What We Know So Far About the 2019 Women’s March
Mara Santilli · Dec 4, 2018
Michelle Obama Knows ‘Having It All’ Is a Lie, and We Need to Talk About Why
Kelli Korducki · Dec 4, 2018
Halsey’s Victoria’s Secret Call-Out Points to a Larger Problem Within the Brand
Kat Armstrong · Dec 3, 2018
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