Obsessed with the ALS #IceBucketChallenge? Us too. When this crazy awesome Internet sensation took of a few weeks ago, we shared the most creative videos we’d seen so far. And now, celebs have gotten in on the action.

Celebs + a bucket of ice cold water + a worthy cause = this roundup of not 10, not 20 but 50 of the best #IceBucketChallenge videos we’ve seen so far.

From the ones you’d expect (Christ Pratt) to the ones you can’t believe (Anna Wintour) here’s our roundup of the top celebrity ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Videos. They’re sure to inspire you to join the fight against ALS and contribute to the cause, which has raised over 5.5 million dollars since July. Way to go team!


1. Kermit the Frog: This pesky amphibian takes the challenge in stride, in the middle of his super cozy swamp. He also calls out that he is the first to do it… “absolutely naked.” Amazing.

2. Iggy Azalea: The fanciest chanteuse we know sports a hot neon bikini to accept J. Lo’s challenge. Well done Iggy, well done.

3. Chris Pratt: We love this video for so many reasons. First, Chris “ices” himself in the way that Brit + Co-ers do on the weekly, by drinking a Smirnoff ice. But his steady chug isn’t even the best part. What rocks is the sudden waterfall from above, carried out by what looks to be his wife, Anna Faris, and a friend. His soon-to-be infamous quote “It went down my butt!” is the icing on the cake.

4. Jennifer Lopez: Jenny from the block is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to looking smokin’ hot while getting a bucket of ice cold water poured on her head.

5. Reese Witherspoon: America’s sweetheart delivers a big smile and sunny disposition in this adorable vid.

6. Taylor Swift: As she says it best, Taylor actually puts her money where her mouth is. For every person in the video she donates $100 on behalf of ALS, in addition to completing the challenge in her stylish all-black ensemble. That’s commitment we can totally get behind.

7. Jimmy Fallon: Jimmy accepts Justin’s’ challenge, bringing Rob Riggle, Horatio Sanz, Steve Higgins, and all of the Roots into the fold. Get ready for plenty of celeb cameos, adorable smiles, some high pitched screams and a perfectly executed video. Also we give Jimmy some major credit for nominating the entire New York Jets team.

8. David, Victoria and Brooklyn Beckham: Thank you ALS Challenge for giving us another opportunity to see David Beckham with his shirt off ;)

9. Gwyneth Paltrow: Oh Gwyneth, that high-pitched scream helps us remember how girly and fun you can be.

10. Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum: The original stars of Step Up really… stepped it up? In fact, Channing Tatum even brings an element of romance to the scene as he shields his wife, Jenna Dewan from the freezing cold water. Adorbs.

11. Katie Couric: Katie has the good sense to do her video from Fire Island, surrounded by a gaggle of insanely gorgeous men. Her cheeky “you ready boys?” and cute impromptu dance party make this a video that steals our heart.

12. Justin Timberlake: Justin never ceases to amaze us with his talents, including being a hilarious actor and BFF of Jimmy Fallon. His creative, crew-inclusive video is super energetic. We also love the coordinating “Let’s Do This” buckets.

13. Alessandra Ambrosio: The gorgeous model stuns for her Ice Bucket photo shoot video challenge. But what we really admire her for is her commitment to the ice part of the challenge. While many celebs are “cheating” by just using water, Alessandra goes for full on ice cubes, in a sports bra no less. You go girl!

14. Anna Wintour: Of course, Anna does something big and fabulous for her Ice Bucket Challenge, bringing her entire color-coordinated family along for the ride. And she looks flawless while doing it. But she does break character, at least for a split second, when the ice cold water hits her head. And boy, is it a wonder to see. (via Vogue)

15. Robert Pattinson: No bucket? No problem. Edward, er, Robert has friends pelt him with ice cubes, a hose, red solo cups and more.

16. Kate Hudson: A gorgeous landscape sets the tone for this hilarious video. We appreciate her modesty as she runs away.

17. Mark Wahlberg: In signature Marky Mark fashion, Mark Wahlberg strips off his shirt after taking the challenge alongside his family.

18. Mark Zuckerberg: Thank New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for this gem. He nominated Zuckerberg, who took the challenge by dumping an entire trash can of water over his head in the middle of his (may we say, very stylish) backyard.

19. Tom Cruise: Tom Cruise and Mission Impossible Director Chris McQuarrie are really committed to this challenge — we’re guessing that each bucket represents another movie in the Mission Impossible franchise?

20. Oprah: We’re so glad that Oprah stood up to the Ice Bucket Challenge and took her soaking in stride. But what really gets us is her perfectly calm delivery. That is, until the ice is dumped over her head. Just make sure the volume on your speakers is turned down. Her challenges to Steven Spielberg (with a slightly evil “I know where you live”) and Dame Helen Mirren show she isn’t messing around. And honestly, could we expect anything less?

21. Nicole Scherzinger: You have to hand it to Nicole. Not only did she let someone toss water straight into her face, but she did us the favor of incorporating multiple playbacks into her video. The slow-motion version is obviously our favorite.

22. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner: A poolside challenge is pretty good, especially when you bring your wife into the pool after she dumbs a bucket f ice water on your head.

23. Bill Gates: The philanthropist and father of modern tech took Zuckerberg’s challenge like a champ. The nerd in all of us can appreciate this extensive video, where Gates designs a state of the art ice water dumping mechanism. And yes, his face at the end is totally priceless.

24. Zac Efron and Ashley Tisdale: Ashley’s high-pitched squeal is adorable, but it gets even better when she challenges pal Zac Efron, and he immediately shows up to accept. We love the giddy friendship between these two, and how they come together to stand for the camera, shivering, and nominate Robert Pattinson to take the challenge.

25. Zoe Saldana: Leave it a Hollywood starlet to use the challenge as a way to confirm pregnancy rumors!

26. Ashton Kutcher and Wilmer Valderrama: These old school buds take the challenge in stride, and challenge Dax Shepard who shows up to accept the challenge right there.

27. Tyler Perry: We admire Tyler Perry’s enthusiastic and informative speech about ALS. But what we like even more is his gorgeous pool. There’s something kind of hilarious/adorable about watching him slowly saunter into it in an attempt to warm himself after dousing his head in ice water.

28. Charlie Sheen: If you don’t feel like throwing ice, improvise like Charlie Sheen and throw money! #what #winning?

29. Lady Gaga: Are we even surprised that Miss Monster has the most high-style ice bucket shoot we could dream of? Her stoic face the entire time, even as she lifts what’s got to be a very heavy bowl of ice over her head, is a testament to her ferocity and style.

30. Macklemore: Some would argue that the best way to do an Ice Bucket Challenge is in front of thousands of adoring fans. Or at least, we’re sure Macklemore would. He might be cheating — we know that bucket of water had to feel pretty good in the middle of a heart-pumping show. But he’s so excited about the whole thing that we can’t really hold it against him.

31. Jennifer Aniston: When challenged by a loved one like Justin Theroux, it’s only fair that Jennifer Aniston gets a kiss at the end. Can these two just get married already?

32. Leonardo DiCaprio: A bearded Leo takes the challenge alongside the people of Fort Chipewyan First Nations.

33. Will Smith: Take the challenge to another level like Will Smith who challenged Beyonce and Jay Z to do it at the same time! Can’t wait to see that one in our Facebook feeds!

34. Neil Patrick Harris: Two words for you: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

35. Kate Moss: The iconic model takes the challenge effortlessly and manages to make it look cool.

36. Tina Fey: Tina swears that’s her ;)


37. Martin Garrix: The EDM star’s unique take on the challenge involves him burying himself in sand up to his neck, getting tickled by an off-screen friend and then allowing himself to be doused in ice water. His scream at the end and his nomination of the King of the Netherlands are priceless.

38. Bradley Cooper: Limitless much? Be like Brad and take the challenge to new heights by having the freezing cold water tossed from the building above.

39. Jason Sudeikis: The best part of this? The fact that Governor Mitt Romney randomly nominated him.

40. Weird Al Yankovic: Of course Al does his video in the weirdest way he can imagine. His sassy foreshadow to his companion quickly lands him with a bucket of ice to the head. His nominations of the Pope, the Dalai Llama, and President Obama show that he has some serious chops. We only hope the others are up to the challenge.

41. Matt Damon: We have to admit, we’re surprised we haven’t seen more videos in this vein. Instead of using water from the tap, Matt Damon uses toilet bowl water in an effort to bring awareness to California’s drought.

42. Anne Hathaway: Not up for drenching your house or yard? Take a cue from Anne Hathaway and take your challenge in the shower. And don’t worry about getting a case of the giggles immediately after.

43. George Takei: Oh my! In response to his nomination by Jeff Bezos, George Takei produces the most creative Ice Bucket video ever. As a nod to his Star Trek days (Bezos also nominated fellow cast members William Shatner and Patrick Stewart) he sets himself against a backdrop of a spaceship in distress. As he calls out to his captain, boom, ice water. Watch the video through to the end and you won’t be disappointed.

44. Kerry Washington: Dying for secrets from the newest season of Scandal? Well, you are going to have to continue waiting because Kerry Washington takes the challenge solo on set to avoid spoilers.

45. Seth Meyers: What’s the fastest way to cool down after being on stage at the Emmys? The #IceBucketChallenge, obvs.

46. Julia Louis-Dreyfus: Where is Gary to tidy things up?!

47. Amy Adams and Henry Cavill: The stoic Superman takes the challenge in his costume — so good.

48. Kylie Jenner: This sassy little sis goes for another poolside (or maybe hot tub-side) challenge and urges Khloe and Kendall to follow suit.

49. Katy Perry: This epic songstress takes the challenge on a freaking boat! Well done Katy. And instead of challenging three people, she challenges a one-person trinity of awesomeness: MADONNA. Bring it, Madge!

50. Anthony Carbajal: And finally, you may not know his name, but you should pay attention. Anthony has become the poster child for the ALS challenge, but it isn’t for his hilarious bikini-clad video. As a victim of the disease (he was diagnosed at 25) his tearful and candid account of his experiences highlights just how important raising money and awareness is to sufferers of ALS. Break out the tissues for this one, but get ready to admire the one man’s courage and resilience in the face of a devastating condition.

Have you done the #IceBucketChallenge yet? We’d love to see your video — share it with us on Twitter @britandco And remember, whether you do the challenge or not, to help fight ALS by spreading awareness and donating if you can!