We’ve seen our fair share of messy dressers, vanities and countertops. We’ve also seen all sorts of contraptions for organizing these areas, but most of them look as messy as the mess they are trying to clean up. So, what’s a DIYer to do? Make a brand new way to keep your vanity organized and turn it into a Brit Kit!

We knew cool, clean, ceramics were the way to go, then we pumped up the sizing and added the ever-crucial DIY element. Our gold-edged design is inspired by vintage ceramics and confetti sprinkled for a playful modern touch. Introducing: our Ceramic Vanity Set Kit ($30)!

Each kit contains:
 – ceramic platter

– ceramic sectional bowl

– paint pens

– painter’s tape


1. Tape off edges of ceramic platter and sectional bowl.

2. Get paint pens going by pressing down on the pen tips.

3. Tape off all the edges using painter’s tape.

3. Fill in taped off edges with gold paint pen.

4. Peel off the tape and touch up your lines.

4. Dot on a confetti pattern using gold, pink and teal paint pens.

5. Let dry and she’s ready to display all your pretty little things!

Easy as pie, right? Let’s get to it!

First things first, tape off your edges for a vintage, gold-edged treatment! The inside corners can be tricky, but we promise it’ll be worth it! Press the tape into the corners with your thumb while you rotate and apply tape along the next side.

Once you’re done taping, give the edges one last good smooth-down to prevent paint from getting underneath.

Get those paint pens going by repeatedly pressing the tip down on a piece of paper, and then you’re ready to fill in all those taped-off edges with gold.

Once you’re happy with the gold edge, go ahead and peel off the tape. These pens dry quick, and peeling off the tape early gives a cleaner line.

You can take the time for a few touch ups by hand here and there, but the imperfect vintage look works great here.

Now for the fun part, confetti! We start by dotting some pink and teal around, and then filling in with gold dots. Keep the dots concentrated at one end of the dish, and more spread out towards the other side.

We gave the sectional dish a little confetti love as well!

Once you’ve given both pieces your finishing touches, simply let it dry for about 10 minutes, and you’re done!

Load up your new vanity dish with cosmetics, jewelry, or whatever other bits and bobs you’ve got lying around.

We must say, these look great filled up with our Laser Pendant Necklaces and White Leather Layered Bracelets ;)

If you fancy making one of these beauties yourself, snag the Brit Kit right here in the B+C Shop!

What other organization kits would you like to see in the shop? Leave your feedback in the comments below.