Feeling tired? It may be because you live on the East Coast. According to new data from the CDC, East Coasters are most likely to get less sleep than their pals out West. Sleep deprivation is defined as insufficient sleep for 14 or more days in the past 30 days. Take a peek at this chart from HealthGrove for a full breakdown:


The chart shows that West Virginia is the most sleep-deprived state, with 37% of the population not getting enough zzzzs. Surprisingly, New York didn’t even make the top ten. Another surprise: Those residing in North Dakota are actually getting the most shut-eye.

We all know the negative effects of lack of sleep, but when HealthGrove compared the states with the worst sleep to the highest obesity rates, there was major overlap. Netflix and chillin’ may be cool, but don’t do it instead of sleeping.

Here is a breakdown of the most sleep-deprived states:

1. West Virginia

2. Kentucky

3. Tennessee

4. Oklahoma

5. Missouri

6. Alabama

7. Mississippi

8. Delaware

9. Ohio

10. Indiana

Do you live in one of these states? Are you sleep deprived?

(Photos via HealthGrove and Getty)