There are apps to help you go to sleep and others to help wake you up. But aren’t you curious about what happens in between? No, we don’t mean just your dreams (although there’s an app for that, too). We mean sleep tracking. The apps and devices that can help track your sleep are endless, and the good ones can be life changing. From futuristic devices that can feel your heartbeat from under your mattress to free apps that can wake you up during the lightest part of your sleep cycle, these 10 things will have you catching some serious ZZZs.

1. SleepBot: If you’re just getting used to the idea of letting technology help you sleep better, a sleep cycle alarm is for you. This app tracks your movement throughout the night (even recording sound) and wakes you gently in the morning when you are in your lightest sleep. We promise this is going to put an end to your snooze button abuse. (Free on iOS and Android)

2. Beddit ($150): Rather than a bracelet, Beddit relies on a small band you secure under your sheets to learn about your sleeping habits. The app will reveal sleep cycles, ambient sound and even heart rate! (Free on iOS)

3. Sleep Cycle: Another app that tracks sleep and helps you wake up in your lightest phase, Sleep Cycle also tracks your sleep over time to show you informative graphs and charts about your habits. Just slip it between your sheets and mattress and it magically senses your every move. ($1 on iOS and $2 on Android)

4. MotionX 24/7: Considering about 70 million Americans have sleep problems, it probably goes without saying that more of them should check out an app that delivers seven years of sleep optimization research right into their hands. The app improves sleep by measuring heart rate and correlating it to sleep quality and even has a handy nap timer to allow the optimal length power naps. ($1 on iOS)

5. F.lux: By now, you’ve probably heard that looking at the light emitted by your devices near bedtime can make it tough to fall asleep. With F.lux, the color of your screen is changed automatically throughout the day so you won’t have to avoid that dreaded blue light at night. It’s life-changing, but exclusive. If you want it, you’ll have to have a jailbroken iOS device.

6. Fitbit One ($99): This device and the app it pairs with do so much more than track activity. When it comes to your sleep, the Fitbit One will keep careful record throughout the night of your tossing and turning, revealing a detailed report come morning. (Connecting app is free on iOS and Android)

7. Jawbone UP ($130): Of course you’ll have to purchase the bracelet with this, but if you make the investment, the connecting app can show you incredible things about your sleep. Wear the bracelet and you’ll discover your waking movements, your deep sleep vs. light sleep and how many hours you’ve been down. (Connecting app is free on iOS and Android)

8. Aura ($299): A sensor placed under your mattress feels your every move — even your heart rate and breathing rate — to determine how well you’re snoozing. The sensor is paired with an ambient light that doubles as an alarm clock and actually makes you sleep better! You’ll be able to purchase their connected app once the product is released, which is set for sometime this summer.

9. Sleep As Android: Initially intended to be a sleep cycle alarm, this app does so much more. In addition to tracking your sleep and charting your habits, the app can help diagnose sleep problems. The best part? It can wake you gently in the morning with your own music, pre-loaded nature sounds or even puzzle and captcha alarms. (Free trial, then $3 on Android)

10. Smart Alarm Clock: You’re sound asleep, but this app is wide awake and making note of every little disturbance. It analyzes factors that might be disturbing your sleep so you can address them. Add in that it has a smart alarm clock to wake you at the perfect time and can draw from your iTunes playlist to wake you with a favorite song and this app is looking like a winner. ($2 on iOS)

Do you rely on technology to help you sleep better? Or are you freaked out by a device tracking your sleep? Let us know in the comments below!