This week, our Halloween vibe is all things chic. And to us here at Brit HQ, there’s no color scheme more elegant than the trio of black, white, and gold. So we’re kicking off our chic week with a two-in-one DIY post that’s perfect for classy Halloween hostesses everywhere. First, we’re glamming up a porcelain cake stand and serving trays with stylish black and white stripes, then we’re adding some glitz to a black table runner using round, gold studs. Together, this spooky duo creates one stunning table display perfect for seasonal dessert bars and snack buffets alike. And we also like to think that this is what the reception table would’ve looked like had Lydia married Beetlejuice ;)

 – porcelain cake stand

– 2 porcelain serving trays

Pebeo Porcelaine 150 paint
– painter’s tape

 – paintbrush

– bone folder

– pointed cotton swabs

– oven


1. Tape stripes on cake stand and platters. Smooth tape edges with a bone folder.

2. Brush surface with two coats of Porcelaine 150 paint, then peel off tape.

3. If paint stripes are smudged, clean with edge of pointed cotton swab.

4. Dry and bake according to your Porcelaine 150 paint’s instructions.

Start off by doing something that Brit + Co regulars should be all too familiar with: tape off your canvas! We’re painting on a white porcelain cake stand and two matching serving trays today. Be sure that your lines are about the same size as your tape so that you get an even final look. When you’re finished taping, use a bone folder to smooth down the edges, especially around the lips of the serving trays.

Pretty! Now these platters are all ready to be painted.

You can find porcelain paint like the Pebeo Porcelaine 150 paint we used at your local art supply store. The first coat will go on really thin, so be sure to top it off with a second coat. The paint may still appear streaky, so dump on lots at a time and make sure you use gentle, full strokes. Don’t forget to dab the edges! You want your platters to look totally profesh.

As soon as the last stripe is painted, start peeling off your tape. Pro tip: to make the stripes as sharp and clean as possible, use pointed tipped cotton swabs to scrape off any rough edges. It worked like a dream!

How cool are these striped serving platters? Can you tell that we were totally inspired by Beetljuice’s infamous get up? Now all that’s left to do is stud our table runner before we set a spooktacularly chic scene.

black table runner

– 8mm pearl gold studs

 – yardstick

– needle nosed pliers

– liquid paper correction pen


1. On the top corner of the right side of your table runner, measure one inch from the top. Mark and place yardstick lengthwise on top of table runner.

2. With a liquid paper correction pen, mark a dot at every inch on both sides of the yardstick until one whole side of the table runner is marked.Repeat on opposite side.

3. Push studs through the fabric over each dot, one at a time.

4. Using needle nosed pliers, bend over the stud’s prongs to secure to the table runner, one at a time.

First, lay out your table runner on a flat surface. Then measure one inch from the top of the fabric—this is where you’ll lay your yardstick lengthwise. Once that’s in place, mark every inch on the top and bottom of the yardstick until you’ve reached the end of your fabric—we’re creating two parallel lines of studs on either side of the table runner, so be sure to flip your fabric and repeat this step on the other side.

Once you’ve marked your fabric, begin studding! The studs can be pushed through the fabric easily, so after you have one all the way through, flip it over and clamp its prongs to set it in place. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can power through this step, which is exciting since the end result is seriously chic. Now toss your two projects together on a long coffee table, kitchen counter, or any other dining space! Just don’t forget to top ’em with some sweets, of course ;)

And there you have it: a Halloween table display that’s incredibly chic! These easy and elegant additions will definitely help take your Halloween party to the next level.

When you bust out a table runner, you get serious hosting points in our book. Not to mention that this one is glammed out to the max! And if you’re thinking you might want to make one of these yourself, you can pick up a Chic Studded Table Runner Kit in our shop.

Those mini Snickers are pulling double duty: not only do they make the gold studs pop even more on your table display, but they add another delicious element to the snacking selections.

We decked our platters out with the finest black and white confections we could find: Hostess cupcakes and Oreos! But there’s no stopping what treats you could add to these bold Beetlejuice platters.

What chic additions would you add to our table scape? Tell us in the comments below!