Guys. Re:Make is only a few weeks away, and we’re getting more excited by the second! There is so much to look forward to with all DIYs to do and artisan goodies to shop, but we recently heard some mind-blowing news! Two of our favorite things are about to combine. Yup, 3D printing + chocolate is a REAL thing, and it’s happening at Re:Make.

hershey 1
Jeff Mundt

Jeff Mundt, senior marketing manager of technology at Hershey’s Innovation Center, is coming to this year’s Re:Make to talk all things technological chocolate innovation. This includes the sweet CocoJet 3D printer that creates all kinds of chocolatey creations in milk, white or dark chocolate.

hershey 2

We are so pumped to see and taste the CocoJet IRL at Re:Make 2015! And to talk to Jeff and hear about all the innovation going on in his magical world of chocolate. Want to check it out too? Request an invite to the Re:Make Conference here.

hershey 3

(Photos via Business Insider)

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