From what we’ve already seen, the 2018 Super Bowl commercials are just as buzzworthy as ever, and that’s especially true of Michelob Ultra’s new ad, which features a shirtless Chris Pratt flexing in front of a mirror. (What more could you ask for, really?)

Despite the fact that his beloved Seattle Seahawks aren’t competing in this year’s big game, the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom actor still has reason to celebrate: In the quick spot from the beer brand, Pratt learns that, well, he’s landed a role in a quick spot for the beer brand. (It’s very meta.)

Upon getting the good news, he immediately starts a training regime to prime himself for the new gig. He works out, practices saying “Michelob Ultra” in his lowest voice, and even tries “method” acting — all while trying to impress others with his exciting upcoming role, natch.

Our favorite part, though, is the scene where he stands in front of a mirror (shirtless, of course), contemplating his character’s name and backstory. “Who’s the character?” he asks himself, as he flexes his muscles. “Michelob Pickelstein. Michelob. My name is Tommy Ultra. Tommy Ultra?”

It looks like the 38-year-old hasn’t let his Guardians of the Galaxy workouts go to waste. “You gotta be fit. You gotta love Michelob Ultra,” he says in the ad, right before getting a harsh reality check.

Pratt hopped onto Instagram to promote the commercial, sharing a pic of himself with the caption: “These days, I’m trying to stay in top shape for work. So when I see a beer, I can’t help but squint my eyes and imagine a treadmill — specifically how long I’ll have to be on that treadmill to burn off the beer.”

He continued, “Michelob ULTRA has only 95 calories and 2.6 grams of carbs SO… I can run that off very easily. Probably in like 10 seconds? (I run 85 mph) Which really makes you wonder why I’m not playing in the Super Bowl instead of just doing a commercial that will air during the Super Bowl. So anyways, Michelob ULTRA doesn’t throw off my workout routine. And it tastes great. So… That’s what I call a win win.” (Add in this commercial and we call it a win-win-win!)

Fans are definitely feeling it.

Check out the full commercial above and enjoy a shirtless, flexing Chris Pratt. But prepare yourself, because things don’t exactly work out for him in the way that you’d expect. Sorry, Star Lord!

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(photo via Emma McIntyre/Getty Images)