Those of us who live for Chrissy Teigen’s tweets and social shares migggghht just want to watch what they say on her page — the new mom (check out this heart-melting pic of tubby time with daughter Luna) just threatened to quit social media altogether.

The funny gal has taken the haters in stride thus far (have you read her epic responses to criticism over a recent date night?), but when it comes to her followers attacking each other, it ISN’T something she’s willing to deal with — at all. Posting the following series of tweets, Chrissy drove her point home with (gasp!) a threat to remove herself from Instagram entirely (nooooooooooooooo!).

“I can’t have people threatening each other and losing their minds in extremely HARMLESS photos,” she writes. “It isn’t something I will take anymore.”

See highlights from her rant below.

While fans desperately attempted to talk her out of it, some of whom she answered directly, (“oh honey, I had countries going to WAR trying to claim baklava,” she explained to one user), it’s pretty clear that Chrissy has had enough when it comes to online bullying.

She’s got MORE than a fair point — following a swarm of Beyhive attacks over “Becky with the good hair” and that eye-opening not just mean Tweets vid, we’ve gotta’ say, we’re with her on this one.

Though she may or may not make good on her word (we’re seriously hoping she won’t have to), if nothing else, Chrissy has given us all yet another reminder that we all need to be kinder to one another when it comes to our interactions, both IRL AND online. Enough is enough!

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(Feature image by Sergi Alexander/Getty)