In an age when selfies are taken on the daily, the art of the self portrait is more or less lost on us. (Can you believe people sat down for hours, sometimes days, for something that takes us literally a second to take today?) Who knows what technology our kids, grandkids and beyond will be using to look back on the photos of our youth, but years from now we will be the new vintage.

Inspired by a portrait of her mother that had been in her childhood home ever since she could remember, photographer Christine McConnell embarked upon a project to become the women who came before her — seven generations in total. She recreates vintage family portraits by embodying the hair, clothes and character of her ancestors, and the results are anything but an awkward family photo. In fact, it has us wanting to start dig through albums and photo boxes and find portraits of our ancestors.

As with most daughters, Christine grew up being told how much she and her mother look alike. When Christine turned 32, she received her mother’s red dress and relived the photograph that her mom took when she was 32. Inspired to see if there were even more similarities down the line, Christine decided to replicate not just this image but also ones of the women down her maternal blood line. After she shared the project on her Facebook and Instagram page, the results went viral.

We love Christine’s take on the vintage half updo that her grandmother Mildred wore in the original photo.

She really captures her great grandmother Attie Mae’s stoicism in this portrait.

Christine nails the fashion, style and emotion of her ancestors to a tee. Here she replicates a portrait of her great-great grandmother Jane.

The series tracks back 200 years with Christine’s great-great-great grandmother, Martha, who was born in 1821.

After traveling back 200 years, Christine decided to dress the part according to the year she was born, 1981. We can’t wait to see what’s next from Christine’s studio.

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(h/t Hello Giggles)