As the briskness of November settles right in, we’re pulling out all of our favorite wooly hats and scarves, but whose to say we don’t need a little re-up as we near winter? The circle scarf (or cowl or snood or infinity) scarf is here to stay. We turned a few of our sweaters into a DIY circle scarf a couple weeks ago, and now we’re looking to our favorite shops to keep our circle style fresh. Here are 30 cozy scarves for keeping you warm this winter.

1. Miss Pom Pom Graphic Snood ($63): This graphic print is sort of like old school sweater patterns meets a much more modern color palette. We dig the little green trees!

2. Bubble Eternity Scarf ($39): Seriously, how cozy does this scarf look? You could cuddle up in it even in the coldest of climes.

3. Chevron Checker Snood ($60): It’s tough to go wrong with classic patterns like Herringbone, Houndstooth, and Chevron. This would fit just about anyone’s style.

4. Scandi Fairisle Snood ($36): Love the patterns but prefer a more neutral tone? This beige snood (PS snood is a funny word for a circle scarf!) would look right at home in a ski cabin.

5. Esprit Fancy Yarn Snood ($34): The pops of pattern and color at the bottom of this scarf are what take it to the next level. This is a great option for girls who love to wear all black all the time, but are open to just a teeny tiny bit of color.

6. Chill Out on the Town Teal Scarf ($25): This editor has a possibly inappropriate obsession with teal, mint, and turquoise, but what’s not to love about this textured scarf?

7. Xmas Dinosaur Snood ($32): Wait for it — look real close. Those are freakin’ dinosaurs with santa hats!

8. Color Report Cowl ($38): This basic cable knit number is a solid staple piece that will last you through many winters.

9. Geo-Tribal Fluffy Knit Snood ($43): We know we’re not even halfway through this list, but this might win for our favorite one! Love the Navajo-inspired pattern and cozy wool.

10. Dash Circle Scarf ($145): You know when you see a textile and you just want to wear it and use it in any form possible? This is one of those times — imagine this as a dress, a skirt, a tablecloth, or a bedspread!

11. Open Weave Infinity Scarf ($38): We’re all about the airy vibe of this open weave infinity scarf, and we’d love to see it some brighter colors as well.

12. Lucerne Infinity Scarf ($48): Think multi-color knitwear is only for the early 2000s? Wrong! This cuddly piece would add a welcome bit of whimsy to any basic peacoat situation.

13. Pieces Felicia New Snood ($32): This patterns almost looks pixelated, like it was printed on an old school Apple IIC or something, don’t you think?

14. Waffle-Stitch Infinity Scarf ($65): Oh hey, is that a mint-colored scarf? Why yes, yes it is! Inspired by the waffle-knit thermals of your youth, this circle is durable, warm, and a great purse toss-in.

15. Chevron Infinity Scarf ($68): Chevron, our friend, it’s been a while!

16. Color Block Snood ($36): Wait a minute, maybe this one is our favorite. It’s neon in the best way possible, and the color block pattern is right up our alley.

17. Grayscale Color Block Oversized Eternity Scarf ($29): And on the opposite end of the color block spectrum, we have this grayscale option. Love all of the layers and textures we see in these photos.

18. Inn Touch Circle Scarf ($48): ModCloth has the silliest and best names for clothes and accessories ever. This scarf aims to help you keep inn touch? ;)

19. Metallic Print Funnel Snood ($39): We’d have to buy this scarf to be sure, but the metallic pieces on here don’t even look like sequins. They look like itty bitty pieces of faux metallic leather, cut and stitched to give the look of sequins. Awesome.

20. Faux Fur Funnel Snood ($39): What’s cozier than a fuzzy, cuddly, faux fur winter accessory?

21. Sommets Faux Fur Infinity Scarf ($48): For a more subtle approach to the faux fur trend, this layered option is your best bet.

22. Positive Altitude Circle Scarf ($55): Love the bold teal and burgundy stripes on this knit number.

23. Variegated Knit Eternity Scarf ($42): We can have a third favorite, can’t we? All the textures and patterns contained in this gorgeous scarf make us swoon.

24. Fairisle Infinity Scarf ($98): Now that is a vintage-style scarf! The classic patterns associated with winter, the holidays, and ski houses are timeless and, in our minds, always in style.

25. Misen Cowl ($48): What looks like a basic blue scarf is actually filled with just about every color under the sun. We need to find the yarn that made this.

26. Winding Rose ($68): First of all, the scarf looks insanely warm. It also looks like the kind of scarf a modern day Lady Mary (from Downton Abbey) would wear, so we’re obviously into it.

27. Down the Tube Scarf ($75): Not sure if this ridiculously cozy scarf is going to keep this gal warm in spite of the holes in her shirt, but she looks pretty happy.

28. Crochet Cowl Scarf (kr245): Love the look of crochet but intimidated by it? Well, when you don’t feel like DIYing it, you can always buy it! :)

29. Pink and Gray Knit Infinity Scarf ($40): Pink and gray come together beautifully in this extra long infinity scarf.

30. Untamed Faux Fur Infinity Scarf ($90): Finally, this is for a party animal, a wild child, or the person writing this article who happens to be throwing an animal print party this very weekend ;)

Where do you shop for scarves and other winter accessories? Any favorites on this list? Talk to us in the comments below.