How many cards do you have in your wallet right now? Seriously, go and count. I have 26. For real. Credit cards, debit cards, membership cards, gift cards… you name it, I’ve got it. Luckily, there’s a new payment device on the market and it’s amazing. Meet Coin, a connected device that’s about to make your life a whole lot easier and your wallet a whole lot slimmer.

You can replace ALL of your cards with a Coin. Just use the Coin app (compatible with iOS and Android) to load your cards on to the device. After your cards have been loaded, Coin works like any other payment card. You tap on your Coin to select the card you want to use, and then you swipe and go! Your Coin card will work anywhere cards are accepted. No more clutter, no more fumbling through your cards at the checkout counter—Coin is as seamless as it gets.

We’re kind of obsessed with the security features. Your Coin will alert you whenever it’s far away from your phone. A credit card that pings you when you leave it behind at a restaurant? Priceless. The battery also lasts for two years. The only downsides? The current generation does not support chip and pin (sorry, Europe) and you can’t use your Coin directly for online purchases.

Coins are currently available in Snow or Midnight—we love the sleek design. The first Coins will ship out in Summer 2014 and retail at $100. You can pre-order your Coin here for 50% off.

What do you think of Coin? Will you try it out? Let us know in the comments below!