The coloring book trend looks like it’s here to stay, and we are thrilled. No longer is color relegated to salon walls or updating your wardrobe. Whether you’re a fan of the Harry Potter coloring books or you like your color shading with a side of expletives, there’s a coloring book out there for everyone. Add some vibrant color to your life with your own two hands, thanks to these 13 can’t-miss coloring book essentials.


1. Seletti North America Pantone Metal Storage Box in Emerald ($22): If you’ve got coloring book supplies, you’ve gotta stash ’em somewhere or you’ll have a huge mess on your hands in no time. This Pantone storage box is a creative person’s dream clutter-removing container.


2. Color Me Swoon by Mel Elliott ($15): Hello there, Channing Tatum! Bring him and his crew of cuties to colorful life with this super adorbs coloring book that is cutely billed as ideal for “good color-inners as well as beginners” alike.


3. Color Me Good ’90s ($13): Ah, the ’90s, aka one of the best decades there ever was. Whether you came of age in the time of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air or you simply have an affinity for jelly shoes, this coloring book will bring you endless joy.


4. Rotating Phrases Stamp ($5): Add a little more than color to your coloring book masterpieces with this rotating phrases stamp. The date option is a super rad archival tool and the other sayings can make for cheeky play-on-images, depending on what you’re coloring.


5. Color Me Good Cara ($13): If you can’t get enough of Cara or her eyebrows or both, then this coloring book is just what you need. You’ll get a healthy dose of both while letting your creative juices flow at the same time.


6. Bando Stay Focused Pouch ($12): This pencil pouch will remind you to keep your eye on the prize and hold all your essentials at the same time.


7. Color Me Good Benedict Cumberbatch by Mel Elliott ($13): Oh, Benedict, how we love you! Bring him to life with this unofficial coloring book. We absolutely recommend watching one of his films while you doodle away for maximum enjoyment.


8. Seedling Color the Earth Kit ($20): If you’re all about coloring, but coloring books aren’t always your thing, try coloring this globe instead! If you’ve got travel on the brain or want to log all the places you’ve been, this is a great way to do it.


9. Color Block Pen ($5): Maybe you dig coloring books but aren’t all about the coloring? Take a stab at pointillism or crosshatching with these gorgeous color block pens. They’ll change the way you look at coloring books — we promise.


10. 1990’s Coloring Book by James Grange ($10): From Tamagotchis to Walkmen and everything in between, this coloring book has got it all. Color in your favorite things from the ’90s while reminiscing at the same time. Swoon!


11. Copper Pencil Holder ($9): If you’re a coloring book fiend, it’s safe to assume you’ve got coloring supplies like colored pencils and markers in your life. Keep ’em looking neat, tidy and sharp with this copper wire pencil holder.


12. Enchanted Forest: An Inky Quest & Coloring Book by Johanna Basford ($16): These illustrations are so pretty, they’re almost frame-worthy, even without the color. Just think what they’ll look like once you work your magic on them! We can’t wait to see the results.


13. Pattern Play Coloring Book by Brit + Co: Last but certainly not least, what coloring book fanatic’s collection would be complete without our very own take on the trend? Featuring drawings by more than 50 different artists, this collection has something for everyone.

What are your go-to coloring supplies? ‘Gram ’em to us @britandco!