Got a mishmash of cool artsy prints, memorable photographs and quirky pieces you’ve picked up at thrift shops? No idea where to begin when it comes to displaying them in your home? Salon walls to the rescue! We turn to this interior design trick time and time again when tasked with the question of how to personalize a space. This time, we’ve teamed up with Lowe’s to bring you 22 inspiring salon and gallery walls you’re sure to swoon over. But first, a handy way to lay out your wall.

If you don’t have enough floor space to lay out all of your pieces on the floor below your call, it’s time to grab a roll of craft paper and create a mock wall! Trace each of your pieces and cut them out. Then use painter’s tape to attach them to the wall. Move things around as you see fit.

Once you have a configuration that works, time to hang everything up! How easy is that? Head here to learn a few more tricks courtesy of Lowe’s!

Before you get started, here are four essential tools for creating your own salon wall:

1. Non-Adhesive Craft Paper ($3 per roll): This is what you’ll use to create the shapes on your wall as you plan out your design.

2. Painter’s Tape ($8): This will also help you plan things out! You can also use it to create straight lines along your wall, making sure everything stays level.

3. Kobalt Box Beam Standard Level ($20): Speaking of keeping things level, you’re gonna need an actual level to hang everything straight.

4. Kobalt Cordless Drill with Case ($129): Finally, a drill to attach everything to that wall of yours. We recommend a cordless one so that you don’t have to deal with tons of extension cords if you’re creating a large scale salon wall.

Now, sit back, relax and prepare to be inspired.

1. Blue Backdrops: We’ll start with something blue, since that happens to be our favorite color as of late ;) Instead of using the salon wall style to cover up a boring wall, add a pop of color to make your art stand out even more. (via The Design Files)

2. Bench Base Vignette: If you’ve got a big wall in a hallway or entryway, anchor it with a bench or console. Then build up from there! (via Old Brand New)

3. Text-Heavy Graphic Prints: For folks who like the crowded look without a ton of color, go for text-heavy graphic prints like the ones you see here. See? You can totally be minimalist and maximalist at the same time. (via Uncovet)

4. Old School Silhouette Wall: Remember getting one of these silhouettes when you were little? No? Then you need to make one now! And then make a bunch and then make this wall. Done and done. (via Brilliant Bethany)

5. Artist Kirra Jamison’s Home: We are loving the mix of framed artwork and pinned up inspiration. And are those just plain pale pink pieces of paper in the mix as well? (via Poppytalk)

6. Eclectic Gallery Wall: Shoes on the wall? And whatever that crazy hat, wreath, flower-type thing is? We love it. (via Rue Daily)

7. Modern Black and White in Istanbul: There’s something sort of timeless about the style of this salon wall, especially posted next to the retro dining and side tables. (via Seventy Nine Ideas)

8. Neon Art Wall: This wall is needed at Brit HQ… ASAP. (via The Design Files)

9. Graphic Color Explosion: Now that is a visual explosion. The prints, the patterns, the graphics — it’s all SO MUCH. This is great for a super creative office but might also get distracting from time to time. (via Pinterest)

10. Abstract Salon Wall: The abstract paintings create a uniform theme for the wall, and it works. (via The Curated House)

11. Assorted Shapes and Pairs: When you think of a salon wall, you usually think of a bunch of things that don’t totally belong together, like orphan socks. This, however, proves that pairs can totally play a part in this interior style. (via The Design Files)

12. Taped Salon Wall: For a less permanent scene, you can simply tape things up on the wall. Rotate them out as the things at inspire you change, and frame if you want to make certain pieces more permanent. (via Smitten Studio)

13. Illustrator and Artist Anne Bundgaard’s Home: Things that are awesome in this room: the crazy colorful rug, the vase that appears to be smiling and, of course, the artful salon wall. (via Jelanie Shop)

14. French Couture Gallery Wall: For a more couture vibe, go for a gilded collection of frames like this. We like the idea of framing more modern work in the same gold style for a more interesting juxtaposition. (via Style Me Pretty)

15. Rich Red Wall: Now that is a saturated wall if we’ve ever seen. The red looks almost velvety, doesn’t it? We like the pyramid design scheme on this wall because the red is so captivating on its own. (via Kollektion)

16. Custom Color Palette: A few weeks ago, Brit jetted across the country to New York to create our own super colorful living as part of Shutterfly By Design. We took our favorite color palette and created pillows, a table and, yes, a salon wall! (via Brit + Co)

17. Postcards in the Loo: Who says your bathroom can’t be classy? (via Poppytalk)

18. Kiddie Gallery Wall: This delightful scene is the perfect way to blend your kids’ favorite toys, family photos and more designy posters and prints. (via Land of Nod)

19. Personalize Your Workspace: Hate staring at a blank wall while you work? Surround yourself with inspiration, but be sure not to overcrowd your environment. (via Uncovet)

20. Midcentury Modern Gallery Wall: Blues, blacks and grays create a cohesive color story on this modern wall. (via The Klein)

21. Liza Giles’ South London Home: Apologies for the fuzzy photo, but we had to include this super eclectic wall installation. Giles has combined cabinetry with jewelry with artwork, and it all magically works together. It also looks straight out of an Anthropologie catalog. (via Emma Walsh Design)

22. Empty Frames: Finally, if you’d rather skip the find-the-perfect-art ask, just go for empty frames! If we were to do our take on this, we’d go ahead and paint each frame a different bright color instead of white. (via Simple Blueprint)

Bonus! Literal Salon Wall: How awesome is this? Retro mirrors, blow dryers and brushes make for the most literal salon wall we’ve ever seen. (via Gypsy Rose Salon)

Do you have a salon wall in your home? How do you display a mix of artwork and photographs? Talk to us in the comments below.

This post is a collaboration with Lowe’s.