Remember when erasable pens first came out? If you had an erasable pen along with some BIC mechanical pencils, you were instantly part of the cool kids group. Now, conductive ink pens are the new “It” pens. With conductive ink, we’ve been able to turn pieces of paper into touchscreens that emit light and sound. But whenever we make a mistake in our circuitry, we have to trash it and start all over. Lucky for us, this Kickstarter is about to bring back erasable pens, but this time, with a conductive twist.

A Tokyo and Silicon Valley based startup called AgIC Inc has created the world’s first erasable conductivity marker. So rather than just trashing your conductive masterpieces, you can erase your mistakes. What kind of amazing sorcery is this?! The conductivity marker contains AgIC silver nano-particle ink which dries quickly and becomes conductive immediately. The conductivity eraser contains a solution that breaks apart the AgIC ink, allowing you to move on from your mistake, learn from it and, most importantly, complete your project.

Conductive paint, glues and pens have been used for quick prototyping purposes as well as for educational purposes. However, up until now, any mistakes made with a conductive pen meant going back to square one. With the conductive eraser, prototypes can turn into physical inventions quicker through faster trial and error processes. As for academics, the eraser allows students to learn more about circuitry without being easily discouraged when mistakes are made.

You can draw circuits up to 100 feet in length, but the conductivity doesn’t work on any old piece of paper. It can only work on glossy photo paper or PET film so having this conductivity eraser handy saves both time and money.

For those of you who already have an AgIC conductive marker, you can get a conductive eraser for $5. If you don’t already have an AgIC conductive marker, then you can get one from the B+C Shop for $14. If they get funded, they are planning to start shipping out the pledges in March. Check out their Kickstarter here!

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