There’s nothing like a fresh mani to top off any #OOTD. But, with so many nail colors and designs to choose from, how’s a girl to know which polish to pick? Don’t let endless options stress you out. In this series, we’re diving deep into top nail trends to teach you how to DIY and provide color and inspiration along the way.

It’s hard to ignore the increasing popularity of astrology, tarot cards, crystals, and other metaphysical practices taking over our Instagram feeds. Our fascination with messages written in the stars is now manifesting itself as constellation nail art. If you want to turn your manicure into a starry night masterpiece, it’s a lot easier than you think — and you don’t need to know your birth chart to master the design.

Woman pushing her cuticles back with a nail tool.

To get started, paint your nails in a single, solid shade. “The base color can be a sheer nude for the most subtle look, or go for a darker, richer shade that complements your skin tone,” says Hannah Johnson, a nail artist at Wild Oleander in Brooklyn, New York. If you opt for a deeper shade, she suggests sticking to cool blues, turquoise, purple, or black to channel night sky vibes. To create an even more stellar manicure, add a coat of glitter polish before going in with the starry design.

Once your base color is dry, use a bobby pin or dotting tool dipped in gold, silver, or white nail polish to stipple the constellation. “Depending on the size of your nail bed, you want enough space between the dots for line work, so don’t go crazy,” Johnson explains. “With a liner brush [or toothpick], pick up a small amount of polish and connect the dots in a linear fashion.” Finish your mani with a high-gloss top coat for added celestial shine. (Photo via Henry Arden/ Getty)

If you’re feeling inspired, channel your inner Zenon Girl of the 21st Century with some of our favorite constellation nail art ideas ahead.

1. Stargazer (via @thepolishedbean)

2. Gold Glitter Galaxy (via @amiandmii)

3. Planetary Points (via @foxicure)

4. Star Signs (via @floralstems)

5. Pastel Constellations (via @wathooooo)

6. French Dipper (via @hannah.k.nails)

7. Seeing Stars (via

8. Minimal Meteor (via @thecurbar)

9. Star-studded (via @thehangedit)

10. Orion Onyx (via @thehangedit)

11. Accent Ascendant (via @buffcsvanda)

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Illustration by San Trieu