You know when you stroll through the hardware and see all sorts of things you don’t know how to use but look like they could be awesome jewelry-making materials? Well, that happens to us a lot. While we love the idea of learning DIY plumbing and car repair, there’s only one thing that comes to mind when we see a roll of copper or steel tubing. Time to make something we can wear.

This tutorial will take you through the simple steps of how to create your own necklaces, bracelets, and rings out of copper and steel tubing. Here we go!

 copper tubing
steel tubing
leather cord
suede cord
– cord ends

– clasps + jump rings

 mini hacksaw
– sandpaper

– needle nose pliers

For all of these accessories, the first two steps are the same.

1. Cut your tubing down to a size that works with whatever you’re making.

2. Sand the edges to make sure they’re smooth (and don’t snag on your skin or clothing).

Now, onto the Tiered Necklace.

The steps for this are as simple as cut, sand, string, clasp!

1. Cut and sand your first two lengths of tubing.

2. Lay them out and cut a third.

3. String leather cord through the tubing. Fill a cord end with glue.

4. Push the ends of your cord into cord ends. Add clasps.

And there you have it! Très chic, don’t you think? :)

Next, Layered Pendant Necklaces.

For this one, we’ll layer up 5 necklaces and use lengths of tubing as “pendants.”

1. Cut and sand 5 different lengths of tubing.

2. Organize from smallest to largest.

3. String onto suede and leather cord.

4. Tie a knot in the back of each necklace and stack.

Wear all 5 necklaces at once, or just rock a couple at a time.

Now it’s time for Bracelets.

These are easy as pie, and get a little extra class from a shiny gold clasp.

1. Cut and sand 2-3 inch lengths of tubing. String cord through and add cord ends.

2. Attach a clasp.

3. Voila!

And last, a pair of Rockin’ Rings.

These are so sweet, and look great stacked together or worn individually.

1. Cut a 1/2 inch piece of tubing. String suede cord through.

2. Cut cord to the size of your finger and glue.

3. Rotate the cord so that the glue side is in the tubing. Add more glue to secure the tubing.

4. So cute!

And that’s all! Love this suite of tubing accessories.

How do you find fashion inspiration in the hardware store? Talk to us in the comments below.