Everything old is new again. Perhaps nothing proves that better than makeup trends. While the rest of the world may be obsessing over glitter freckles or rose gold pigment, Khloe Kardashian kicked it back to the 1960s and officially gave us our new makeup inspiration for the weekend. When celebrities started wearing wild colors on their eyes 50-some years ago, bigger was always better. A very glittery blue eyeliner was super popular back in the ’60s — especially with the winged look Khloe went for.

To achieve her look, make sure the focus of your face is your eyes. Keep the entire face (including eyeliner) in neutral shades. To get the sweep and drama of Khloe’s look, you’ll need to find a cream or gel metallic eyeliner.


We’re fans of LORAC Pro’s Cobalt Eyeliner ($19) for a party-proof line.


Another awesome option is Urban Decay’s Razor Sharp Liquid Eyeliner ($22).

To apply the shape, start at the very inner corner of your eye and build out. You only need a little bit of a sweep at the end, so don’t worry about having a perfect and symmetrical cat-eye. You can start widening the line at about mid-lid and then make the line thin again once it hits the outer corner of your eye.

To top it all off, throw on a pair of fake eyelashes and walk out the door, being sure to bat your eyes at everybody you see. There’s no way you can have a bad weekend when your eyelids look like an awesome disco ball.

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(Photo via Khloe Kardashian)